Psychic Rose Stuart Reports on Missing Talent Agent Mark Schlegel

Mark Schlegel, a talent agent for numerous TV stars, went missing Sunday. Schlegel, who works for Corner Stone Talent Agency in Manhattan, according to Deadline Hollywood, was, according to Deadline, last seen walking down a road several blocks from his home, carrying a gift bag.

Someone Was Threatening Mark Schlegel

Starpower Management CEO and Hollywood Sentinel PR manager Bruce Edwin, who represents Psychic to the Stars Rose Stuart among other celebrities, consulted with his client Rose regarding the case. Rose Stuart states “I feel that the gift bag or gift box was something someone told him to bring to them. There was something very important to him in it. I am seeing a man that is involved, who is manipulating him, but a woman is involved too.” Rose Stuart adds, “he was being blackmailed, I am seeing that people were threatening to hurt his family. And someone was using that to string him along.”

Search Phone Records: Body of Water Nearby

Rose Stuart continues, “I am seeing that investigators should go through his phone records. They will find that someone was mad at him. Someone feels that he cheated them or someone was cheating on someone.” Rose added, “there is a coffeehouse I am seeing near his house, that I feel he went to right before he went missing. And there is a body of water nearby that is larger than a pond, but not with wavy water – not a lake, that he is in or near. Someone took him there.”

The Reservoir

Today, Bruce Edwin contacted the wife of Mark Schlegel, and spoke with her, Hollywood Sentinel dot com reports. Christine (Chris) Schlegel confirmed to Bruce Edwin that her husband went to a Starbucks to get them coffee before he disappeared, and it is right near their house. She also confirmed to Bruce Edwin, that there is a body of water just as Psychic Rose Stuart described, also right near their house. – “a reservoir,” she stated.

Police Tell Wife: Cold Case

Christine told Bruce Edwin that the police already searched the reservoir with sensors and special equipment, and he was not there. She also told Bruce that the police had gone through all of Mark’s emails and computer and phone records, and that there was nothing there, that no one was mad at him, that he got along with everyone, and Christine said, the police told her it was a ‘cold case.’

Psychic Rose Stuart: ‘Not’ a Cold Case

Psychic to the Stars Rose Stuart states however that it is ‘not’ a cold case. She feels that Mark Schlegel had more than one phone, and more than one laptop, and that someone or more than one person are hiding them, and that this is where the police will find more evidence. Bruce Edwin adds, a computer forensics team may need to be procured.

Missing Electronics Have the Clues

Rose Stuart states, “I can feel his fear. I feel he was scared. Things were not well with him in his personal life for some time I feel. One or more persons are hiding things. They need to find those two missing electronics. The answers will be there.”

Psychic Rose Stuart Reports on Missing Talent Agent Mark Schlegel 1

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