‘Pattern of Leafy Litter’ Shortens the Timeline of Caylee’s Abandoned Remains!

When were Caylee’s remains deposited (abandoned, hidden, discarded, jettisoned, etc.) at the recovery locale on Suburban Drive? And what’s the nature of the disposition? Were the remains carefully hidden? Were they randomly abandoned, possibly dumped or tossed there (unstaged), so the assailant could quickly get away undetected?

While yesterday’s testimony did not address my second question, it certainly did cover a suggested timeline of abandonment. The prosecution has maintained all along that the remains had been at the recovery site for at least six months, when the skull was discovered (or rather reported) on December 11, 2008.

Another scientist, forensic botanist Dr. Jane Bock, testified in such a way (for the defense) yesterday, that reasonable doubt was readily shed on the State’s suggested timeline for when (whoever done it) the body (which may have been fairly decomposed already) was put in this locale. I would advise you to view tapes 1-4 on WFTV 9 Orlando for Dr. Bock’s pristine testimony.

Do not, I repeat, do not just watch the inflammatory talk shows, where they take Dr. Jane Bock’s words out of context! Last night on Nancy Grace the little bit about the coyote was spun over and over again. What she left out, was the important conclusion that Dr. Bock came to regarding a lack of leaf evidence surrounding the skull to warrant a longer timeline for deposited remains.

jane bock

Moreover, this suggests that the body could have been moved many times over! Roy Kronk could have moved things around too. It doesn’t prove that he did, but does put doubt in the minds of the jurors. It seems likely it was moved about several times.

Another interesting aspect of her testimony, was that none of the leafy remnants found in Casey’s trunk (the notorious white Pontiac Sunfire) were a botanical match with the various vegetation that populates the recovery site.

This doesn’t prove a great deal for the defense, nor does it support the prosecution’s claim that Casey sequestered her daughter’s body at this trashy little park some time in June of 2008.

Lots of activity yesterday. I won’t even venture to go into the testimony of Richard Eikelenboom, a touch DNA expert for the defense. As for the mesmerizing attention grabbing show piece of Linda Drane Burdick, you know, the claim that Casey purloined her story about Caylee drowning:

1. the jury didn’t hear it (thankfully) and 2.the news media let this trifle become their headline, thus undermining the significance of mundane botanical conclusions that Caylee had been there only two weeks when Roy Kronk found her.

So the prosecution takes the thunder out of the summer rainstorm, bully! Botany is a little dry, I’ll agree. Jane Bock was upstaged by the news of April Whalen. This is true for the public, but not for the jury. While Jeff Ashton got Dr. Bock to admit that the timeline could be longer, she nonetheless clarified clearly it could be as little as two weeks.

All this may do (and this is not so small) is put some doubt in the minds of one or more jurors, who are tending to lose confidence in the narrative of how the State says events happened. We don’t know when the remains were abandoned on Suburban? We don’t know who took them there?

We don’t know what condition the body was in when it was deposited? What really happened yesterday was simply a bigger question mark appears in the minds of the jurors. What didn’t happen is April Whalen! Media missed the boat, but I caught em, and captured the pertinent issue. Kudos to me!