Obama Encouraging Illegal Immigration in America

America Made Itself From On Immigration

Are you a real American, or not? Our Founders understood aliens were fine to visit our country, but should be legalized-citizens to be a part of America.

Since then thousands of foreign-nationals have legally become citizens. Millions of Americans are the natural offspring of immigrants looking for a better life, and a country free of socialist tendencies.

As a direct descendant of Dutch, Polish, French, and Cherokee-Indian grandparents, the writer can say he’s one of those.

Over 10,000 immigrants every year are naturalized, taught English, and tested on understanding the Constitution. They become taxpaying members of society, are highly productive to America.

US Illegal routes
Main cargo railroad lines from Mexico to United States, route map.

Illegals Illegally Wanted Amnesty

But the cost of infiltrating-illegals is $113 billion a year.

This is ~$1,117 for every household in America, per the

Federation for American Immigration Reform, FAIR.

The report states amnesty would not increase tax revenue, but would cost massive amounts in Social Security and public assistance expenses. FAIR says amnesty “would therefore be an accentuation of the already enormous fiscal burden.”

The largest taxpayer cost of illegals is ~$52 billion on schooling their children. “Nearly all those costs are absorbed by state and local governments.”

Rep. Steve Stockman (R/Tx) describes unenforced illegal immigration: “The crush of illegals have bankrupted local governments, shut down hospitals, overwhelmed schools and crashed local economies, hurting largely Hispanic citizens.”

Illegals strain relations with legal Hispanic citizens. Legal naturalized-citizens have gone through years of blood, sweat, and tears to become American citizens. But illegals want citizenship with no strings attached.

Except for the American Indians themselves, every other American has a foreign ancestry.

Illegals Typically Involved In Illegal Activity

We know illegals routinely lie to obtain employment. So why would illegals not lie to obtain medical care, food stamps, unemployment, and register to vote?

Over 60 percent of the Hispanic gangs in Southern California-tens of thousands-are illegal. These gangs are involved with drug-distribution, extortion, drive-by assassinations, assaults, and robberies.

Proof of citizenship to vote has been required since the founding of the Republic.

Illegals voting in the system (getting many perks) are breaking the Law of the Land.

Largest Illegal Activity

Why are “amnestied” illegals who literally “jumped the fence” demanding citizenship? This will create more than an 80 percent Democrat surge in voters.

CatholicVote.org, with deep respect for our Bishops, strongly disagrees with their “carte-blanche” attempt at amnesty for illegals.

Catholics in good conscience can disagree on the appropriate level of immigration to best reform our broken system. There is no dogma on immigration policy. Careful reasoning, and respect for human dignity are all necessary.

It turns out Obama is depending on illegals to get the vote in 2016, hoping to sway the election “democrat-way” again. There is no altruistic motive.

All this encourages even more illegal immigration. It’s obvious there’s a planned illegal alien invasion coming to our shores and borders.

That adds up to an economy with a 2008 financial crisis, forcing an ongoing recession with massive unemployment, and rising inflation.

Unfortunately, voting illegally is being nullified by states not requiring I.D.

Illegal invasion is the latest Obama policy to ensure as many illegals as possible can get into our country.

Obama has waged war on America with the massive invasion of illegals. This assault is on a very fragile economy, which currently has ~92 million Americans unemployed and battling a $18 trillion debt. There are not even enough jobs for native, or naturalized Americans.

Recent non-partisan research by Old Dominion University found shocking amounts of voting by illegals, as published by the Washington Post.

From Center for Immigration Studies: “In 2012 there were 2.7 million immigrants from San Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras in the United States … immigrant population from these three countries has grown 234% since 1990.”

Department of Homeland Security estimates “indicate ~60% of immigrants from these three countries (1.6 million) are in the United States illegally.”

Many illegals are massively surrendering after coming across the Rio Grande. Authorities will release them, per a border patrol agent from a Texas newspaper.

Obama’s devious plan developed for a Democrat win in 2016, incorporates enough Democrat votes with illegals for at least the next 50-100 years.

This plan was leaked to Fox News.

Obama To ‘Amnestize’ All Illegals

Obama plans to introduce 10 executive actions eliminating deportations, and legalizing over 5 million illegals in the next few weeks, per news reports.

This not only pertains to illegal children, but their parents as well. Parental expansion could allow as many as 4.5 million illegal adults with U.S.-born children to remain in the country, Fox reports.

The voter-fraud problem is immense. Because of Democrats, typical beneficiaries of fraud, they refuse enforcement of our laws.

Bottom line, will red-blooded Americans continue to allow Obama blatant illegal immigration for overwhelming the electorate for a Democrat president for the next 50 years?