‘NORMAL’ Is A Good Word that Describes Terri Moulton Horman!

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Is Terri Moulton Horman Normal?

A fairly normal character portrait of Terri Moulton Horman emerges with last Thursday’s comprehensive article in The Oregonian. The Oregonian staff reporters, Lynne Terry, Shane Dixon Kavanaugh, Bryan Denson and Lynne Palombo, really did a good job at taxing their sources for every detail that they could possibly get on Terri’s life. What I see (from the article) is complete normalcy; Terri’s interest in sports, in education, in marriage and her love for children is perfectly NORMAL behavior.

The Oregonian Portrait of Terri Moulton Horman

Terri Horman Oregonian
The Oregonian portrait of Terri Horman reveals more a pattern of normalcy than it does deviancy in Terri’s past behavior. Terri was good with children, was a good mother, and went out of her way to be courteous to her inlaws. Where’s the ‘red herring’ in her behavior?

True, I scoured this superb reporting for glimpses of a demented sociopath, a heart filled with malice (for people and society), such as has been projected by the media, but I didn’t see any evidence of this. My best observation is that people are reinterpreting Terri’s behavior from the past in light of Kyron’s mysterious disappearance, and the sneaking suspicions (perceived by the public) that Terri Moulton Horman is somehow responsible for this.

That is, they are putting a negative light on what is fairly normal behavior. (An example is given) Once Terri brought a big bouquet of flowers to Chuck and Mavis Ecker, who are the parents of Richard Ecker, Terri’s second husband. Mavis suspects that Terri was just trying to butter them up so that she could win the heart of Richard. Yea, that’s true, but this is a fairly appropriate strategy for someone to employ in order to secure the hitching up of a future husband.

Another time, after Terri was already married to Richard Ecker, she met Mavis at the airport in Eugene with more flowers and balloons. From time to time I will see this sort of thing occur. It’s most sweet actually and it’s nice when it doesn’t happen only at a hospital. From the article, it doesn’t sound as if Mavis Ecker can spin this behavior in a negative way.

Mavis says this about Terri Moulton Horman. “She said everybody deserves flowers and balloons. It was a very nice gesture. I’m not used to being treated like a celebrity.” Okay, then Terri wrote poems which she gave to Mavis and Chuck as gestures of giving or mirthfulness during the holidays. Here’s one line from one of the poems. “I cannot remember the presents or the food that was given, all I can remember was the love I was living.”

(Another example given) Chuck has noticed that Terri manipulated their son, Richard, to get him to adopt her son James, from her first marriage, to the family. But I must point out, however, that Terri’s ex, Ron Tarver, Jr., was on the skids financially, and was incapable of supporting their son, James. I see this as very regular behavior, to seek support for her son from her current husband.

Nothing weird about this! This thing with Terri being a ‘gold digger’ of sorts keeps cropping up, but the need for money in our culture is a huge one, and how can she bring up her son without some type of financial support? She can’t. What other option did Terri have, other than asking for help from her current husband at the time, Richard Ecker?

This sort of behavior in our society in universal; true, money often is a major button pushed in determining how we will behave with friends, family and our spouses. So what! We need a lot of money to live, and especially if there are children involved. And it may be true also, that money was a factor in Terri’s getting involved with Kaine. But Terri was a realist when it comes to money.

Pertinent Data About the Life of Terri Moulton Horman

This Oregonian article is filled with pertinent data about the life of Terri Moulton Horman. Once again, I applaud these reporters for providing we amateurs, living outside the Portland area, with fodder with which we can formulate theories about Terri to aid us in understanding the complicated ‘criminal case’ going down up there.

I would benefit from culling over many of the particulars in the story that (in my opinion) are heading in the direction of sketching a more favorable portrait of Terri (the integrity of her character). But I will mention in passing only the fact that acquaintances to Terri interviewed in the article tend to say that Terri was very good with children, was a good mother, and was skilled in her methods of discipline, and that she utilized so effectively in an elementary classroom (Terri had obtained two degrees already in elementary education).

Yet, the most telling point of this newly emerging biography, for me, is that the best motive of revenge that has been provided so far has been shot to ribbons. A couple of weeks ago, sources from the media were saying that Terri wanted to get revenge on Kaine, since he had kicked out James Logan from the household on Northwest Sheltered Nook Road.

This would provide us with a motive for Terri to want to do harm to Kyron, since Kaine had been so unsympathetic to her son, James. I was shocked to learn from the article that is was actually Terri (in February of this year), not Kaine, who sent James back to Roseburg to live with his maternal grandparents. James didn’t really care all that much anyhow that he had to leave the Horman household.

Therefore, the idea behind this ‘grandiose motive’ is gone. Now we have to search around for some other reason why Terri would want to do harm to little Kyron. One thing I can tell you now, you’re not going to find it in this wonderful Oregonian piece. Oh, what about Terri’s obsession with Kyron’s discipline report card from Skyline?

True, Terri favored a more discipline-oriented approach to school children’s behavior in the classroom. But this is often true of well-trained teachers. I was a teacher in Dallas, and if you don’t put a lot of emphasis on discipline, you will fail in your teaching of kids. This was my Achilles Heel when I taught. But Terri was aware of this basic tenant to the teaching trade. But did she go overboard when it comes to discipline?

Was she perhaps possessed with a component of cruelty or driven by an element of mean spiritness? It might be worthwhile to probe this a little further. And what psychological forces were coming into play on Terri in the early days of June? This also requires more investigation. Are there other examples of Terri’s cruelty towards Kyron (in the seven years) that demonstrate a proclivity towards heartlessness? Nothing substantial has been provided thus far.

‘NORMAL’ Is A Good Word that Describes Terri Moulton Horman!

More information can be read here in an article by Lynne Terry