More QUICKSAND In the Holly Bobo Investigation!

“So goodnight old world, We’ll see you tomorrow. We rise with the sun, And fall with the sparrow. But here is this child, To soften the sorrow. Goodnight old world, Old world goodnight. Goodnight Old World” – Emmylou Harris

My skepticism regarding information I read on the Holly Bobo investigation is at a pinnacle level of ‘ORANGE ALERT’ currently. The latest smokescreen comes from TDI spokesperson John Mehr, who is saying they are “close to cracking the case.” Mehr claims they are ‘one missing puzzle piece’ away from solving the Bobo mystery.

As I was taking my daily walk this morning, it occurred to me that all unsolved cold cases are just one clue away from closure or a final solution. As an extension of this profound thought, it dawned on me that the TBI doesn’t really have anything new under the sun.

Therefore, why would they leak this startling bit to the public? The answer is to put fear in the perpetrator, so that this bogeyman’s behavior would become erratic, and thereby friends or family would notice this suspicious metamorphosis, possible outbursts of nervousness or fidgety desperation manifested in strange ways.

Why would they be closed-lipped about the DNA blood evidence or the 911 call placed by Clint Bobo, but be loose-lipped about an imminent break in the case? The only reason I can come up with, is they want to loosen a boulder.

That is, they want to shake up the small community of Parsons (only a population of 2,500), and especially rattle the cage of this purported secret community member, who is living and working amongst them, undetected in the crime he committed.

In order to unravel some of these anomalies, or better yet, the misinformation coming out on the internet, I read through many of the initial stories posted right after Holly’s abduction, on Wednesday, April 13th.

holly bobo and clint bobo

I discovered the culprit this morning. It was ABC News. At the bottom of my article I will link this report for you. I want you to watch it several times over and tell me what you think. Did you believe that the many photos of Holly and Drew were portrayed as pix of Holly and her brother Clint? I fell for it.

The ABC News video is linked at the bottom of a Huffington Post piece, Holly Bobo Missing: Search Intensifies For Missing Tennessee Nursing Student. The title of the ABC video, which features an interview with Whitney Duncan, is: Where is Holly? New Clues in Kidnapping Case.

holly and boyfriend camouflage

Why did the TBI put out the idea that “Holly was in fear of her life” when she was led (dragged) into the woods. That is, how could anyone know she was in fear for her life? Maybe, she went willingly, if she knew this camouflaged stranger. Maybe not, but no one could know for sure she was in fear for her life. More misleading information.

Another item that puzzles me unendingly is where is this supposed carport located, the one where Clint saw the blood droplets? I’ve looked at every single photo or video I can find of the Bobo house, and there’s no carport visible in front of the house, or (for that matter) is there a carport positioned anywhere on the driveway. Is it off to the side maybe? And how far away is it from the main Bobo house, where Clint was at the time of the abduction?

holly bobo 1300 volunteers

I think you can see the irony of this – would it be possible that the abductor himself was amongst the volunteer search party (wearing the exact same gear he wore on the morning of April 13th)?

This scary thought would be a fit, right out of an Alfred Hitchcock Presents episode, if it rings true for you. And I’m still having problems with the shaky lunchbox discovery. This looks like a plant to me. Why would the perpetrator carefully hide Holly, but leave this white lunch purse out in the open?

I don’t think he would do this, unless he was trying to make it look like it was a natural outgrowth of a crime in progress. It was anything but that. It was artificial, I’m sure of it. The cell phone plant reinforces this theory.

Now I come upon the scream, which probably causes me more consternation than any of the other anomalies (although they all make me want to rip my hair out). And why has the scream, which was heard by a neighbor of the Bobo’s, been so under-reported?

Who is this neighbor and when did she/he call 911? How far away is her house from the Bobo’s? And did Clint hear the scream? Did he report it immediately to the police? And finally, what’s the difference in time between the neighbor’s 911 call and Clint’s call?

We’d know a lot if we knew more about this neighbor’s account of the scream. It’s being covered up, obviously. Can we believe anything we hear on the news or read on the internet? This is why I’m a ‘Doubting Thomas’ when I hear the TBI is only one clue away from finding Holly.

We’re only one clue away from solving JFK’s Assassination too, but that elusive clue is permanently sequestered from our ken, hidden (as it is) behind a white picket fence lying atop the Grassy Knoll. Badge Man (Camouflage Man) is right there, let’s get him!

Link for the ABC News Report with the False Clint Bobo Pix