Lingering Mysteries Still Hovering Underneath Krista Dittmeyer’s Final Day?

While it appears as if we have been filled in on some of the details of what happened to a pretty young mother and waitress Krista Dittmeyer, a full disclosure of what lies underneath the final day of her life is yet still a mystery.

Last night I re-watched the Today interview with Krista’s mother, Lanell Shackley, who spoke with her daughter on the Friday she suddenly departed for Conway. Lanell didn’t notice anything odd when she spoke with her daughter on the phone.

How deep did Krista submerge herself into this seamy subterranean world of drugs? Did she carry forth a drug business, passed on from her boyfriend Kyle Acker (also the father of her daughter Aliyah), who is now serving a two-year sentence in Maine for drug trafficking? And another question comes up, was Krista in cahoots with Kyle when he was actively dealing drugs?

krista dittmeyer and daughter

Krista doesn’t give off the aura of someone who would get herself in these types of scrapes. I will say, however, I’ve only seen photographs of her and know nothing about her, other than what I’ve read in newspapers.

It appears as if she had her family fooled as well. The best explanation I can find, is that Krista had fallen in with a rotten lot, such as that Anthony Papile, who is chiefly responsible for her death.

Tony Papile is the culprit who hit her on the head three times with a rubber mallet on the evening of April 22nd, when Krista was lured to his apartment to transact some type of drug deal. We don’t know what kind of drugs were behind the murder, nor do we know how much cash was on the line. I suspect it was cocaine, since this was the drug of choice of Kyle Acker.

This is ugly business, I know. I suspect this was a fairly large sum of drugs and money, to motivate these three small time crooks to actually kill this young mother. Then they had to coldly drive her black Nissan Sentra to this Cranmire Mountain Resort, stage an abduction scene, then finally remove Krista from her own trunk.

krista dittmeyer criminals

You know the rest. We don’t even know whether Krista was still alive when she was tossed like a bundle of garbage into this makeshift snow pond?

Another loose-end that piques my curiosity, is when did they abandon her car? Did Papile and Petelis drive it to the ski resort that Friday night, or did they wait until Saturday morning? Remember, a passerby came upon the suspicious scenario at 6:30 AM on Saturday (April 23rd).

Apparently, Anthony Papile had worked as a temporary employee at this Cranmore Mountain resort a few years back, so that is how he conceived of this incredible scheme to make it look as if it was a random abduction.

Moreover, I have issues with the suggested motive of robbery. The amount of drugs and cash would need to be fairly high to warrant actually murdering Krista Dittmeyer.

This is what makes me suspect that an age old grudge was lingering between Anthony Papile and the jailed boyfriend, Kyle Acker. Did Papile possibly believe that Acker still owed him?

With this theory in mind, Papile would perceive that Krista had inherited the business and was carrying it forth. Therefore, his grudge for Acker would be passed down the line to Dittmeyer. Anthony made out like he was good friends with Krista, when all along he was plotting her demise.

I’m simply suggesting there was more behind the murder than mere robbery. How about a ‘pay back’ for an ill-conceived impression of a double-cross, in a shifty past of shady dealing.

No, we need to know more of the reasons, the how and why a beautiful young lady gets caught up in a storm of troubles. Krista had carefully hidden this ‘other life’ from family and friends, just as you might have expected, given the nature of the business.

And why wasn’t Krista in any way suspicious of this Papile character? We’re left with an uneasy feeling, a loss of a perception of innocence, and behavior that can’t be explained away in a simple, understandable fashion.