Is ‘Lost In the Woods’ a Good Metaphor for the Holly Bobo Investigation?

There’s a certain irony to seeing Clint Bobo in camouflage in this photo with his sister Holly. I will point out, however, that I noticed that rescue volunteers were wearing camouflage as well in some pictures I saw. That attire seems to be common in Decatur County, Tennessee, where this high-profile case is unfolding ‘neath a public spotlight. But for me, that doesn’t diminish the irony one iota.

Just an observation, or possibly a connection I’m making with that eye-catching pic, but the ways in which the case is being promulgated by law enforcement is wearing camouflage also. Why is it that the TBI hasn’t completely eliminated the family, or more specifically the brother Clint, who saw Holly ‘dragged away’ by an elusive abductor garbed in brown/green camouflage?

Holly and Clint V

And why is it we arn’t allowed to know the results of the DNA sample, which comes from the blood drops found by Clint in the carport? And why are they withholding the nature of the item found on the side of the road? I heard it was Holly’s cell phone, but I can’t confirm that. How does withholding this information from the public help in catching the abductor? Very curious.

And what about the press releases (by the TBI, I presume) that are suggesting that the kidnapper is one of them? That is, someone inside the community of that small town, of Parsons, Tn is likely the perpetrator. You’d think by now they would have a suspect, if the person in fact, lives and works in that immediate area.

A friend of the Bobos, Charlie Philpott, expressed similar skepticism regarding this theory of a ‘local is the culprit.’ “It kind of makes you scratch your head and say do we really have somebody here in this community that was that devious and living right here amongst us and we didn’t pick up on it?”

I guess no one sticks out like a sore thumb, and since everyone in that vicinity wears camouflage (including the brother), just about anyone could be the mystery man who easily coaxed Holly into the thicket, a dense woodland that only a local would be familiar with. But if no one from there is responsible, it would have to be a serial predator, wouldn’t it?

Holly Bobo and boyfriend

Back to square one. Daily I search the internet and tune in to talk shows for new clues on Holly Bobo’s case, but never come up with anything. Okay, I heard the family is selling lots of T-shirts to finance a vacation for Holly, should she ever return. And rescue efforts keep falling apart as a result of bad weather. But after all is said and done, it looks like the investigation is at a dead end.

Lots of cases are never solved, this happens all of the time. But why doesn’t Clint take a polygraph test to help eliminate suspicions surrounding him, that maybe he cooked up this whole story for reasons unknown? And why are the parents so low profile? Why arn’t they on all the talk shows begging for someone to come forward with new information?

Are the police possibly telling them to keep a low profile? If this is true, why is this so? And why did a neighbor hear a scream and immediately call 911, but Clint didn’t call 911 until he saw the blood droplets on the carport cement? And did he report the scream to the police? He had to have heard it. And is this elusive bogeyman really living and working right in Parsons as I type?