Indiscernible, Impenetrable, Enigmatic-All Good Words to Describe The McStays!

The McStay case is indiscernible. That’s a good word for it. Impenetrable or enigmatic are good fits too. Since it’s been nearly a year, I’m reflecting back on the vanishing from February 4, 2010. I stick to the way the story unfolded in mid-February and to any primary evidence that I can find. I prefer to study Joseph’s videos posted on YouTube. No filters on these.

The McStays didn’t live there that long. No more than six months. They were still right in the middle of getting their dream home right where they wanted it. This is why a ‘voluntary leaving scenario’ is unlikely. When they pulled out of their Fallbrook home on the evening of February 4th, where were they going? Joseph’s business partner was the last one to talk to them. Activity on their cell phones and credit cards goes cold after that.

joseph and gianna
Your best insight into the McStay Mystery, comes from focusing on primary evidence, such as the half dozen family videos posted on YouTube by Joseph himself. I won’t be offended if you ignore my rambling banter!

Since their Isuzu was not found until February 8th, that would make it four days where they went to some nondescript location, for some unknown purpose. This four day time period is critical. Any time further out is irrelevant. Whatever happened to this family of four, and it could be bad, went down during these early moments after they left their new home. The proof of this is the money and communication devices are cut off, a dead-end road after that.

Therefore, I’m back-peddling, negating my second theory, and reverting to my initial instinctual cognizance, that tells me someone else planted the Isuzu down on the San Ysidro border, to make it look as if the McStays were bailing out to Mexico. Friends and family have been right all along, they never went to Mexico. Therefore, that’s not them on the border surveillance video.

What negates this, is why doesn’t the silhouette figure of the man have longer curly hair? Joseph had long hair, and this shadow doesn’t. Family members have been mixed about the video. And if they were going to go to Mexico, why didn’t they take the one hour drive to the border on the night of the 4th? Some other destination was in mind, and that would have to be stateside. Period. They met somebody that night. I believe they were ordered to go over somewhere. It wasn’t voluntary.

Summer McStay
It’s unlikely that the McStays ever went to Mexico, since all activity on their cell phones and credit cards falls off the map on February 4, 2010. Therefore, who parked their Isuzu in a strip mall in San Ysidro, to make it look like they were bailing for Mexico? There’s your culprit!

I’ve never heard who this partner is exactly. His name has never been mentioned in any news stories that I know of. Why hasn’t he made a statement to the media about his relationship with Joseph and why hasn’t he told us more about the day to day transactions of Earth Inspired Products? I don’t doubt that Dennis Brugos of the San Diego Sheriff’s Office has worked this angle to the bone. But what have they discovered about the business that can lend some insight into the mystifying disappearance of a new family?

Some pundits have pointed out that the business seemed to flourish and prosper a little too fast. That’s curious, but maybe they just had the right product mix that everyone wanted. Curious also, or perhaps contradictory, is the fact that we were smack-dab-in-the-middle of a horrible recession back then in early 2010. And it was the housing industry that suffered the most. In fact, and this is another of those ironies that keep cropping up with the McStay case, it was a foreclosure that they were snatching up on Avocado Lane.

Yet Earth Inspired Products prospered, in spite of the housing crisis. Another conundrum, another contradiction, amongst many. One year later we’re further away, not closer to understanding what occurred. It’s like Pompeii, food left on the counter, dogs abandoned, didn’t tell anyone they’re leaving. Maybe they weren’t really leaving? At least in their own minds. I think they were set-up by someone. This trouble transpired very close to their home. I’m not a psychic, but I can sense it this morning. Not in Mexico. Never went there.