Fariba Amani’s Vacation Cruise Photos Take On a Larger Life as She Goes Missing!

Fariba Amani disappeared while on the Bahamas Celebration cruise ship sometime on February 29th, and somewhere on crystal blue oceans, between the Bahamas and the Port of Palm Beach. Ramiz Golshani claims he saw her at 1 AM by the gift shop, where they temporarily depart ways, and he goes off to test his luck. Hum? I had to back up for a moment, fetch some more java, and run the news clips by one more time to see what I missed the first time around.

Well, that’s a considerable bevy of data. But it’s getting better as I run these loops a second and third time, hearing the sister’s (Souloumeh Amani) side of the story and how she found out (when inspecting her sister’s apartment) about Fariba nearly hiring a detective (Tom Dolo) to check out this Golshani character.

But she gets the jitters when she senses how angry he will be with her suspicions about him. Now, I fathom, we may be getting a snapshot of what actually happened on leap year! *(At times, our greatest fears can become a reality, if we don’t watch what we’re doing.)

Okay, so I run the loops one more time and notice something very curious, with my highly polished, detective-like observation skills. Oh, I just recalled what Golshani’s sister had commented to the news about how the couple seemed so very happy in their cruise pictures. Then it occurred to me, is what we have here, actual photos of Fariba Amani on the Bahamas Celebration in the dwindling days of frosty February.

Most of us have millions of vacation photos lying around, gathering dust, that no one will ever want to see. Okay, so maybe nowadays they’re gathering dust on a blow-off hard drive, which you’ve reserved as a random trash bin on your computer somewhere that perhaps you’ll show that fly-by-night uncle one day, should he ever breeze through town. Sorry for the corn, but my point is the vacation photos of Fariba Amani fit into another category all together. Are there relevant clues within the camera frame?

fariba amani
fariba amani

Well, these are important questions, since now it looks like the vacation photos are live evidence. Were some of them emailed to family while Fariba was still on the cruise? Or did Ramiz download them after he got off the boat at Palm Beach? Did he give a few of them to the news? The pix makes her seem happy, so this would contradict a suspected demeanor of Fariba’s, that she would confront him and conceivably break up with him.

Obviously, I don’t have a lot of information in my grip regarding the provenance of some rather extraordinary vacation photographs. And how could there be 1,100 people on board this cruise ship, and nobody notices anything suspicious? You know, like an argument or a random splash emanating from the seas. Or what about another witness spotting Fariba sometime after 1 AM that turbulent leap year day? And finally, (from the pic I give you), why is there no anxiety in Fariba’s expression? Moreover, who took the photo, I must ask?

Fariba Amani, Missing From Cruise Ship Bahamas Celebration, Had Troubled Relationship With Boyfriend, Family Member Say – ABC News