Did the Kennedy Brothers Play a Role in Marilyn Monroe’s Mystifying Death?

Our Past Lives

Funny, how a tape (of our past lives) plays constantly on a film projector that runs 24/7 in our minds. We have no way of turning it off, since we don’t know where the on/off switch is located (up there in our head).

The best way I’ve found to end these cerebral tape loops, is to watch someone else’s biographical life films. This might explain why Marilyn Monroe is still so famous. When we watch her films, it’s more interesting (than our private lives), and somehow (this magic) turns off the switch on our films.

Fifty Years Since Marilyn Monroe Died

This worked for me today, as I saw on the news it’s been fifty years today since Marilyn Monroe died, under clamorous clouds of contradiction and chariness. I engaged in a scintilla of (amateur) inquisition (probing the possibilities explaining her death) this morning, not realizing just how muddy and murky (the path to the truth) can get, sorting through all the inexplicable clues (that slap your face with befuddling inconsistencies.)

marilyn monroe

Yea, I need to be to be a trifle humorous to soften the edge, (pry off) the monkey on my back (it aint heroine, my friend), when trying to come up with a sound argument for either suicide or homicide, in the August 5th, 1962 (drug related) death of Ms. Monroe.

My Head is Spinning

My head starts to spin, then those brain movies begin their relentless rotation across that cranky old (broken down) projector again. I’m Gloria Swanson (in Sunset Boulevard) watching her greatest performances in an empty room, many, many years after she had sway (& was the Queen of the Ball) of the Golden Era of Silent Films. Well, maybe it doesn’t play out exactly like that (in my mind).

marilyn monroe goddess

My thing, was gearing up in a pirate costume and parading around town like I was Mick Jagger or some sort of Mega-Star, singing (through a foghorn Golden Throat) some of my odd sea-shanties, and make-believing I had a major album due to hit the records shops at any minute.

Marilyn’s Mega-Hits

But ya see, the difference is that Marilyn actually had those mega-hits through the medium of film, but was nonetheless, (completely) insecure about herself. This explains why she took up prescription drugs at a time when there wasn’t a proactive social consciousness about how dangerous such an addiction could be.

It will take you a lifetime to sort through everything that’s been written on the mysterious death of Marilyn Monroe. You’ll want to begin with the Wikipedia entry (Death of Marilyn Monroe), in order to get a grip on the basics.

Then there are good links and references at the end of the entry that will take you where you probably desire to go. Most of all, I want to read Goddess: The Secret Lives of Marilyn Monroe (1985), by Anthony Summers. His book on the Kennedy Assassination (Conspiracy) was a masterpiece also.

mm pills

The Marilyn Tapes

A (CBS) 48 Hours/Mystery (The Marilyn Tapes) originally broadcast in 2007, is based on Anthony Summers book, has many vivid talking head interviews with Mr. Summers, and really hits the spot, as far as I’m concerned. You can still watch it on the internet, so I’ll link it for you at the end of my piece.

It’s hard to believe, but there’s the Kennedy brothers again! And then there’s that Rat Pack crony, Peter Lawford, who knew much more about what really occurred to Ms Monroe, than ever conveyed publicly.

mm kennedy brothers

So what did happen? Well, we still don’t know for sure. One thing that is very confounding, is that Dr. Thomas Noguchi confirmed in his autopsy report that Marilyn never swallowed all those pills. Nor did she inject them. Was it an enema? The knowing are skeptical of this option also.

What Really Happened to Marilyn?

Had the death scene (or perhaps, crime scene) been tampered with, or staged to look a certain way? This is an absolute! And what’s this pervasive body bruising all about? Finally, how did Robert and John fit into the picture?

Was Marilyn a viable, national security threat (within the context of a boiling point in the Cold War)? Let’s see, where’s that Summer’s volume? Quick, before the flicks return to my brain screen (SCREAM)!

The Marilyn Tapes – CBS News