Creating Awareness: How Female Joggers Can Prevent Getting Attacked

It is an unfortunate reality, but female joggers need to be aware that heading out to get some exercise can put them in danger of assault. Assailants often target secluded jogging trails because they can catch victims by surprise in situations where there may not be a lot of other people around. To help prevent attacks and make themselves less of an ideal target, female joggers should follow these tips:

  1. Jog with a friend or join a running group. Jogging with other people is the easiest way to deter attackers. Runners may even find that the added company helps them stay more motivated.
  2. Avoid less populated areas. Running through woods or on secluded trails can provide the ideal setting for a relaxing jog, but these areas also present the greatest danger, especially for those without a running partner. Wooded areas and bushes provide the perfect hiding spots for attackers and tend to be further away from roads and houses where people might be able to witness an attack or hear cries for help. Female joggers who are on their own should stick to neighborhoods, sidewalks and other highly visible routes.
  3. Wear bright clothing. Bright clothes aren’t just for nighttime running. Anything that a jogger can do to make herself more visible will help improve safety and make her a less attractive target.
  4. Stay alert and aware of surroundings. Most people love to listen to music when they run but wearing earbuds and cranking up the volume can make it more difficult to hear sounds and be aware of what is happening on either side of the jogging path. At the very least, runners should keep their music at a reasonable level so that they can still be conscious of possible danger.
  5. Purchase some protection. For those who want to take protection up a notch, there are plenty of great products on the market that are specially designed to help female runners stay safe and ward off an attacker.
  • Knuckle lights are designed to provide light and can be used as brass knuckles that will help joggers inflict some more pain if an attacker does actually make a move.
  • An emergency whistle necklace is a simple and affordable tool that can make a tremendous amount of noise. Not only will others in the general vicinity hear the distress call, the attacker will also likely be scared away by the loud sound and the fear of drawing attention.
  • The Tiger Lady looks fierce and can do some real damage. The product is designed to wrap around your hand. When the user squeezes the pouch, a set of sharp claws automatically extend. There is even a groove in each claw that is meant to collect DNA and make it easier to identify the attacker.

More than anything, female joggers need to be aware that they may be at risk of assault. Being aware and taking a few, easy precautions can help joggers deter attackers by becoming a less attractive target. Putting safety first can make for a more enjoyable and less anxious run.

Melissa Thompson
Melissa Thompson writes about a wide range of topics, revealing interesting things we didn't know before. She is a freelance USA Today producer, and a Technorati contributor.