Bobbi Booth Paints a Spooky Portrait of Adam Mayes!

No one had any clue this would happen? Some had dark thoughts about Adam Mayes, but let it slide. News: Adam Mayes on FBI Ten Most Wanted List. If caught, capture # 466. Other news: Anderson Cooper’s interview with Bobbi Booth, Teresa Mayes’ sister. Adam threatened to kill Teresa, if she didn’t participate in the abduction/murder. Most shocking of all, the murders of Jo Ann and Adrienne occurred in a garage at the Bain’s home in Whiteville, Tenn. An extension to this scene is too horrible to utter!

Much of the focus is on the County Line One Market, an ordinary convenience store in Guntown, Miss. Footage of Adam purchasing a pack of cigarettes and a Coke are played over and over again on media outlets. The clerk, Nick Barghouhi, says Adam dropped by about once a week. A cool cookie pays his last visit to County Line three days after he killed a mother and her daughter and abducted her two other daughters, Alexandria, 12, and Kyliyah Bain, 8.

am county line

We learn a bit more too, by way of Bobbi Booth. Teresa was suspicious of an affair between Jo Ann Bain and Adam Mayes. We hear, Adam believed he was the father to Alexandria and Kyliyah. In looking at their photos, a faint resemblance to Adam is recognizable, unless I’m reading too much into it. At least we might say, Adam was convinced he was the father. What reasons did he have for believing it’s true?

am bobbi

Bobbi Booth paints a spooky portrait of Mayes, in terms of his abuse of alcohol and drugs, not having a job, just living at his mama’s house, and worst of all, he’d beat Teresa and was very aggressive. I observe, he was possessive with people, as if he owned them. This is what leads me to believe, the imminent move to Tucson by the Bains, is what set him off. He’d lose his control over the girls and mama, if they moved away. Moreover, I suspect they were moving to break that control.

The girls having bad asthma was simply a convenient cover to duck out from under an iron grip Adam had on them. Guntown is 80 miles away from Whiteville, and is even in a different state. We hear Adam often went to Adrienne’s softball games and that kids were used to seeing him around. A softball participant, Megan Ervin, nonetheless was picking up a bad vibe from Adam, but tolerated him since everyone else did. Pervasive tolerance, in spite of exhibiting some deviant behavior, is a theme running through a handful of biographical testimonies (sketchy as they are) we have of Adam Mayes.

am long hair

A telling clue is that Bobbi Booth said that she hadn’t much heard from her sister Teresa in about ten years. This lets us know that Adam controlled her and isolated her from her immediate family to the extent that they didn’t see her at all. One red flag for me is where was Gary Bain all this time? Why did he tolerate Adam being around so often? Was Adam intimidating him somehow? Why was Gary so friendly to Adam, if Adam was having an affair with his wife Jo Ann?

This is not too easy to understand? We hear that Gary was married to Adam’s sister Pamela at one time, though this supposed fact seems to change rather frequently. Previously, we heard they were married to sisters, which is completely different. Which is it? And how could Gary have slept through a double homicide and a double kidnapping? How could the culprits be so quiet when committing such heinous crimes? I had nightmares last night with that scary visage of AM peering out at me. The Hills Have Eyes sort of thing.

And those mug shots of Mother Mary and Teresa creep me out beyond the pale! These two look like characters outta The Texas Chainsaw Massacre! Mary has dark, raccoon-like eyes, leathery skin, and a sagging frown that frightens your pants off! Need to get away before I flip out!

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