Bob Bashara is in Jail Now! But I Needed to Go Back to the Beginning!

Who is Bob Bashara? Who was Jane Bashara before someone did her in (Jan 24th)? Bob Bashara was arrested on Monday at his rental property on Mack Avenue (in Detroit, Michigan), which was once called the Hard Luck Lounge, that housed his bizarre S & M sex dungeon set up in the basement. The reason given for Bob’s arrest, was he was caught on tape trying hire a hitman to knock off the hitman, who he had already hired to kill his wife Jane back in January.

I’m confused; you’re confused, so let’s get a grip! For unknown reasons, I haven’t been following this story, which has been twisting and turning frantically for around half a year now. I can’t explain my apathy heretofore, but I tried to make up for it this morning with some caffeine-fueled kinetic research on the internet. Lo and behold!, Wikipedia already has an entry (laden with references) for the slain wife, Jane Bashara.

bob bashara and wife

I did some boning up right here, because I needed to rewind the tape to late January of this year, and I needed to place myself in this upscale neighborhood of Grosse Point Park, Detroit. I needed to get a feel for what went down here, when someone had dumped a sports utility vehicle in a sleazy part of town, with the body of Mrs. Bashara in the back. Thank goodness lots of news footage has been saved!

As I reluctantly digested these older chronicles of murder for hire, mistresses, and dungeons of pleasure and pain, I returned to the news of the here and now: a family man is accused of trying to rid himself of this idiot of a handyman (Joseph Getz looks like Milton the Monster), who’s incarcerated for strangling to death Jane Bashara for a little cash and an old Cadillac. The grim narrative is getting somewhat clearer, but not much!

No news service has been able to explain yet how they caught Robert doing this. Like, who did he hire to kill Getz? Was this man actually an undercover cop? One wonders how smart Bob is, to get himself set up in this sting, after he made so many guest appearances on TV, plus he definitely knew the cops were certain he’d killed his wife. Then you have to scratch your head, when realizing he’d employ this moron (IQ of 67) to take care of a problem he was having.

bb joe getz

Your best source for Robert Bashara news is, I believe, the Detroit Free Press. Their reporters are digging deeper into the labyrinthine corridors or hidden chambers of this multi-tiered story than any other (news service is). From an article I read in the DFP (Bob Bashara expected to be arraigned today on a charge of solicitation to murder), I gleaned it was Steve Virgona who set up this sting on Bob. Virgona use to live with Joseph Virgona (I’d like to hear this tale too!)

Well, I still don’t know that I’ve got it straight what’s going on here. I guess I better get up and go in the kitchen and pour myself another cup of piping hot, strong black coffee! Okay, that’s nice, I’ve done it. I just took a healthy gulp of the elixir. Now I need to rewind the tape again and see if I can understand why Bob wanted his wife dead in the first place. I was curious about Rachel Gillett too?

bob bashara wifes car

Why is she in hiding? Why does she fear for her life also? Did Bob ever confess to her, that he’d killed his wife? Rachel’s practically in a witness protection program. And most of all, I was curious about Bob’s Dark Side. Does he have a split personality? I bet Jane knew him best! Is this why she had to go? And further, is a movie in the works for this twisted saga? I’m ready to watch it right now! Better use the actual red brick house!

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