A Gun, a Shooting Range and a Minivan Paint a Picture of a ‘Public Execution!’

Hemy Neuman never did much to conceal the crime he would commit last November. It’s as if it was meant to be public, and getting caught was a logical consequence. In striking contrast, the motive is wholly sequestered. Three obvious remnants of evidence back me up. The gun, the minivan and the shooting range.

Of the 6,000 documents accumulated by the DeKalb District Attorney so far, one is proof that Hemy Neuman purchased a Bersa .40 handgun last April. As you know, a weapon never was retrieved, either from Dunwoody Prep or from Mr. Neuman himself. But bullets retrieved from the victim can be matched to the Bersa .40 handgun.

bersa 40
This is a Bersa .40 handgun, a similar model to the one Hemy Neuman purchased last April.

Why did Hemy discard the weapon, but not take more precaution in the procurement of the weapon? Interesting anomaly amongst many. Did he not consider the fact that the bullets could be linked to the Bersa .40 handgun? Of Course, he probably thought they’d not discover he ever purchased the weapon in the first place.

But couple this incongruity with the evidence of a sign-in sheet at a Woodstock shooting range, Pannell’s Firearms. That’s clearly Hemy Neuman’s signature on the sign-in sheet on November 1, 2010. Thus, he was publicly practicing his firearm expertise just two weeks prior to (allegedly) killing Rusty Sneiderman. No effort to conceal what he intended doing.

This is just an observation, but since he shot him at point-blank-range, I don’t think he really needed any target practice. But maybe he didn’t know how far away he would be when he started shooting. Perhaps later on, he told himself he’d be safe in his method of public execution? One thing is clear, however, by placing himself at the firing range two weeks prior to the shooting, premeditation can not be disputed.

pannelli firearms
On November 1, 2010 Hemy Neuman visited this Woodstock shooting range to practice what he was going to do just two weeks later.

The third item is the rented Kia Sedona, which is the most illogical of all. Why rent a vehicle, sign a rental agreement, then pull it into a crowded daycare parking lot, with eye-witnesses everywhere? And did Hemy suspect that surveillance cameras were positioned in such a way that a YouTube video could be posted for millions to view by that late autumn evening?

Or another contradiction to the perfect crime, did he want it to be videoed? Why rent a vehicle to use in the shooting? This is oh so bourgeois! And why did he pick silver for the Kia Sedona? Did he think the color was more quiet, less intrusive? It turns out, the minivan was identified from a video and witnesses saw him drive away. The Kia Sedona rental nabbed him too.

While the carrying out of this crime is obviously public, the motive is buried in the brain waves of the perpetrator (or perpetrators), that leave no trace-patterns one might study on a graph. Naturally, there’s the DA’s mountain of emails (of Hemy and Andrea, but they’re not sharing these with the media. Someday we’ll see them, though. One thing I’m certain of, however, is that Andrea must have recognized the police sketch that came out shortly after Rusty was gunned down.

andrea sneiderman x
Andrea Sneiderman must have recognized the police sketch in the days after the November shooting of her husband?

But where things start to get cloudy, is that plenty of people have affairs, but they don’t go out and kill the spouse who they are cheating on (sometimes they do, like in Double Indemnity). This is where a confounding glimpse of conclusions grid-locked in contradiction enters the picture. A personal vendetta against Rusty crops up, apparently out of nowhere.

This morning I re-read the initial story posted in the AJC on Friday, November 19th. All Rusty wanted to do was help people, was the gist of the article. Rusty was even trying to get Hemy a new career. Here’s the key, but I don’t know just how?