Seeking Help From Psychics – Trending With Techies?

Is high competition to blame, or ever-changing technology?

Whatever it is, techies can be stressed about updating themselves and meeting their deadlines. They are generally paid well, and others would definitely say that, but work-pressure is such that many are unable to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Be it their girlfriend’s birthday or their parents’ anniversary, they are always in their system looking for a solution!

Probably this missing of the basic happiness in life owes a lot to the stressful lives of techies all around the world. While some of them resort to taking a break after every project or every 2 to 3 months, some hibernate for a few weeks with family every year. But sometimes the pressure gets so high that stress levels soar. They end up with anxiety disorders, hypertension and many other lifestyle diseases all triggered by stress.

Counselling and Medications for Handling Stress

While many organizations that care for employees arrange frequent de-stress sessions such as team outings and other recreational activities, most smaller organizations fail to get these facilities and employees suffer a great deal of stressful work and personal life.

Techies also feel they have to keep up with their peers in terms of latest trending technologies. Overall, the pressure from personal life adds to their stress levels which sometimes affects their productivity.

When productivity goes down, it further adds to frustration because of a highly competitive field. While the best way to deal with stress is talking, most people either do not have the right connections who can hear them out or they don’t trust someone to whom they can open up.

It is hard to blame anyone for that because of the way society is these days. Professional counselling seems to be one effective way to combat stress. But if you are not with a professionally qualified and compassionate counsellor, it can do more harm than good. Sometimes, if the stress levels are way too high, the counsellor may advocate internal medicines to control the stress. There are proven and safer methods to deal with stress too. Exercise and meditation are more healthy ways to deal with stress.

psychic at work.
Psychic at work.

Are Psychics the Latest Trending Stress-Busters?

It may seem strange, but it remains a truth that many techies who are totally stressed out are now finding solace with Psychics. Their availability online, such as on the Kasamba website, makes them more accessible to techies who are always online and more willing to try out online options.

What makes them all the more preferred by this group is the stories with videos of how they have helped out others in the same situation combat stress and even help them seek a better and more content life.

Many more psychics are now well versed in digital marketing that lets them reach out to more people who are seeking their help.

It has been reported that some psychic techniques and methods are questionable, but others, while unusual, can help resolve complex issues. Here is one psychic therapy story that helped some high-profile women in the corporate world to fight work related and personal stress.

Psychics are known to solve more than stress-related issues. Some have even provided technical solutions for business related issues in start-ups.

Psychics are often consulted to learn what the future holds. What is not known is whether the confidence gained from hearing the future through these mystical methods actually leads a person toward that end.

One way they find clients is to attend events or public gatherings, and offer their services free. Telling a prospective client exactly what they want to hear, is one way to draw in a prospect who may eventually depend on the psychic for day-to-day decisions.

Programmers and techies definitely seem to be under more pressure over the past few years, as competition for jobs has increased. Companies now want more for less, adding to stress levels. They definitely need help, and with the growing ease of access to online psychics, it does seem to be a growing trend.

Bryce Dalziel
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