Driving The World To Starvation: COP-27 Financiers and Merchants of Death

In 2022, while most people in the West have never faced starvation, a different story is being told in other parts of the world. The COP-27 financiers and merchants of death are driving the world to starvation.

Most of Africa, and many parts of India, Asia, and Latin America still suffer from a serious lack of energy and food. In Africa, for example, more than 600 million people do not even have electricity, the International Energy Agency says.

Thanks to the recent actions of western politicians, those serious problems will soon confront the West, as well. Unless Westerners wake up in time to realize what is being planned for them.

The following European news headlines all have one thing in common. They are all examples of how much is wrong in Germany. The news is grim.

  • “German industry stares into the Net Zero abyss”
  • “Europe’s energy crisis may get even worse next year”
  • “Even Germany’s wind industry is sliding into crisis”
  • “Millions face poverty and destitution in Green Britain, as Brits pay highest electricity bills in world”

Europe banned their own source of oil ostensibly as a way to show solidarity with Ukraine and cause economic damage to Russia. This plays a role in their problem and although they caused it, they blame Russia.

But the primary cause of Europe’s energy issues is their own love affair with intermittent wind and solar. That is coupled with their nonsensical hate-fest for fossil fuels and nuclear power. Now that a frigid winter is upon them, Germany has little option other than to obliterate ancient villages and recently built wind farms so they can mine lignite coal beneath them.

In the USA, New England and New York must prepare to face a dark winter, because they too have voted against drilling, fracking, pipelines, coal and nuclear power. Their solar and wind power will not sustain them. Surprisingly, their politicians now demand more oil and gas from the same companies they and President Biden have tried to shut down.

Climate Hypocrites at COP-27

Western politicians and climate activists displayed their outright hypocrisy at the COP-27 climate circus in Egypt November 6-18. There, attendees asked whether Africa should be allowed to exploit its oil, natural gas and coal reserves to improve living standards, feed families and save lives!

John Kerry said African nations should not rely on natural gas to generate electricity and modernize. Kerry ignored the fact that he and his wife own five large houses, a yacht and a private jet. He says he only “makes use of them,” and they are in his wife’s name. How did he get to COP-27?

Al Gore wants fossil fuel investments terminated worldwide, including in Africa. He isn’t terminating his massive consumption – he owns at least five large homes and a fleet of SUVs and planes.

Al Gore at COP-27. NewsBlaze Cartoon
Al Gore. NewsBlaze Cartoon

UN Secretary-General António Guterres railed against fossil fuels. He said, “New funding for fossil fuel exploration and production is delusional,” and will only “feed the scourge of war, pollution and climate catastrophe.” All of these manmade cataclysms are found in their computer models and COP-27 rants, but not in the Real World.

These arrogant eco-totalitarians want to disallow more than just energy in developing regions. They also want to ban modern fertilizers and modern agriculture – things that farmers need to feed hungry people. They also want to prevent farmers making enough money to build homes or barns, send their children to school, and buy tractors and other equipment.

They don’t even want Africa to produce natural gas to make nitrogen fertilizer, that boosts crop yields. They want to make it impossible to feed eight billion people – without turning millions more acres of wildlife habitat into marginal croplands.

What Will Poor Countries Do

Will poor countries tolerate this outrageous neo-colonialism? No matter what their politicians sign up to, the people are unlikely to stand for it. They will soon realize now-rich countries are on the verge of de-industrialization, bankruptcy, and self-destruction. They will understand that there will be no annual “reparation, loss and damage” payments for alleged impacts from manmade climate change.

Poor they may be, but stupid they are not. Once they see there is no financing for modern agriculture – only for wind and solar energy, organic farming and “AgroEcology” – they will know they have been lied to, and dumped.

Poor countries will be left to save themselves. But they have advantages their predecessors lacked: Educated engineers and access to the incredible energy, agricultural, industrial, economic, medical, communication and other advances of recent centuries, especially during the fossil-fueled industrial era.

They could chart their own destinies utilizing these advances. Every project they undertake could generate new wealth, innovation and self-confidence to undertake subsequent projects. All they have to do is avoid war, invasion, and takeover, and not destroy what they already have.

Africa resists policies that demand primitive farming and energy, and making muffins out of flies.


I’ve written about the callous eco-imperialists – financiers and merchants of death – many times (in the 4 links below, for example).

The eco-imperialists are constantly proved wrong, but they never apologize or revise their lethal attitudes and policies. Sadly, the well-informed, ill-intended elites have a large global following, who are well-intended but ill-informed. These elites subvert climate, energy, agriculture and human rights for their own nefarious purposes.

Modern agriculture is not perfect, but it feeds feed billions of people with less acreage and water, using monoculture farming, carefully developed and tested chemical fertilizers and insecticides, biotechnology, hybrid seeds and mechanized equipment. The eco-imperialists promote AgroEcology schemes that reject virtually the entire foundation of modern agriculture.

Their stated goal is “food sovereignty” – the “right” to “culturally appropriate” food produced through “ecologically sound and sustainable methods, in accord with AgroEcology policies. These are the kind of policies that brought starvation and chaos to Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankan people rose up, and now President Rajapaksa is exiled in Singapore.

Golden Rice, a staple that could end Vitamin A Deficiency, blindness and death among malnourished children is vilified by the eco-activists.

That makes no sense at all, but there is worse.

With their hypocrisy on full display, European leaders have been pleading with African nations to launch oil, gas and coal projects. But these projects are not for Africans – they want the materials shipped to Europe. At the same time, the EU Commission wants African nitrogen fertilizer production stopped because it would “clash” with EU climate goals.

After lecturing about colonialism for years, the eco-imperialists and their lap-dog media now embrace colonialism again. They also suggest that Africans would make useful experimental guinea pigs.

Time magazine says “humans eating insects could help save the planet.” The New York Times waxes lyrical about a new Julia Child “Joy of Cooking (Insects).” And a group of “renowned” African and European “ecology and nutrition experts” says climate change and other considerations make Africa “the perfect laboratory” for testing new ways to feed humanity – like turning lake flies from the Lake Victoria region into “crackers, muffins, meat loaves and sausages.”

The International Energy Agency, which reported that half of Sub-Saharan Africa’s population has no access to electricity says there should be no more African petroleum production.

COP-27 (or FLOP-27) claimed a “historic milestone” towards saving Planet Earth! But the alleged problems are all fictitious, driven by their faulty computer models and unfounded hysteria about manmade climate cataclysms.

Today’s climate fluctuations and extreme weather events are no worse than those seen in the past, despite the drummed-up hysteria. Also, there is no replicable, convincing evidence that manmade emissions have replaced natural forces. Nothing about this was presented at COP-27.

More important than that, the world has more wealth, more knowledge, and better technologies, resources, and abilities than ever before.

If there are any real changes in the climate, these things will help us to survive extreme weather events and rebuild afterward.

Response to genuine problems is infinitely preferable to ridiculous actions such as blanketing the Earth with wind turbines, solar panels, battery modules, transmission lines, mines and factories to build the things – and processing plants to make bug burgers and other delicacies, in time for climate luminaries to enjoy them at COP-28.

Can’t we just be calm and rational (and thus colonialist?) just this once? Just asking.

Paul Driessen
Paul Driessen is senior policy analyst for the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow (www.CFACT.org) and author of books and articles on energy, environment, climate and human rights issues.