With an Electronic Billboard for Katelyn Markham, Can We Unravel Her Mystery?

Presently an electronic billboard sign is constantly flashing a photo of missing Ohio woman Katelyn Markham, who just turned 22 two days after she went missing. The electronic billboard is on Carrothers Road in Newport, Kentucky, just across the Ohio River. A new search group gathered at Krogers (as seen on Local 12 News) in Fairfield, Ohio yesterday evening, after a weekend search failed to turn up any new clues.

The reward for information regarding the disappearance of Katelyn Markham has jumped up to $25,000, after an anonymous contributor added $20,000 to the previous $5,000 reward. To top it off, Tim Miller’s Texas EquuSearch is arriving today at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport to bolster the search with its considerable resources and expertise.

katelyn markham billboard

Furthermore, there’s now a Facebook page where a good amount of information can be obtained on Katelyn’s perplexing case. The name of the FB page is: Missing! Help Bring Katelyn Markham Home! These sort of pages are sometimes helpful, but at other times they can be a nesting ground for useless innuendo, rumor, or reckless accusation. Let’s keep an open-mind for now.

The most unusual aspect of Katelyn’s case, is that the police didn’t see any signs of foul play at her townhouse in Fairfield. On the other hand, foul play is the only logical way of explaining the sudden way she vanished in the early morning hour of August 14th. A few other items (as well) elicit red flags, although a benevolent explanation has been provided.

Katelyn had to go to work at David’s Bridal that Sunday, so she needed desperately to go to bed. As such, her boyfriend left her at around 11:30 PM, late Saturday night on the 13th. Here’s what doesn’t make much sense. One thing, exactly when did John leave? It makes a big difference, since her cell phone was turned off at 12:45 AM.

An ABC News article says that Katelyn sent multiple text messages to John Carter right after he left her. Why would she do this if she was getting ready for bed, since she had to go to work the next day? It sounds as if she was tense about something. And one text message specifically was about burning a bag of bank items (either statements or old checks?).

Why did she want John to do this chore, instead of getting rid of them herself? And why send that message at such an odd time? Was there an urgency to this task? Is there some financial transaction that begs for secrecy? One can not help themselves with these types of suspicions, when such a dramatic means of burning is employed.

Perhaps this mounting tension can be explained by Katelyn’s impending graduation from art school, as well as she (and John’s) plans to move to Colorado in November, with marriage in the cards and to start a new life.

Or (alternatively), can her growing apprehensions be explained by these transparent factors? Was there something else on the horizon? An unexplained wildcard?

Now, John is characterizing Markham as ‘pretty happy.’ Could this possibly be a euphemism for her maybe being fairly unhappy? That’s a stretch, but is ‘pretty happy’ really very happy at all?

I realize, I’m grasping for straws, but I sense there are some missing factors here that has not yet been divulged? Two and two is not adding up to four, with the information we have been given heretofore. I don’t believe (intuit) that John is involved, but I also sense someone else has a small piece of information that may provide a key to unlock this mystery.