Divorce Solutions San Diego Offers Couples Non-Conflict Resolution to Divorce

A Company That Truly Cares About YOU and YOUR Children!

Interestingly, the vast majority of Americans still think marriage is worth the risk; 81% of men and 86% of women still marry by the age of forty. Statistics show that couples with children, however, have lower divorce rates than those without; and it has been reported that sociologists believe childlessness to be a common cause of divorce. The absence of children leads to loneliness, and at least 66% percent of all divorced couples are childless. Unfortunately, the other 34% of couples going down the path of divorce do have an extra worry – a child who is in the middle of a very adult situation that can cause them harm and confusion.

Two weeks ago, we introduced all of you to a company called, Divorce Solutions San Diego (A.K.A. Fairway Divorce Solutions), and the positive response for the “system” that Divorce Solutions San Diego offers was immediate.

Divorce Solutions San Diego is a company that offers a premier ‘divorce mediation model’ that works to find a calm resolution to divorce, and enables people to maximize assets, empower children, and transition effectively – while maintaining absolute dignity along the way. As anyone knows, divorce is a harsh ‘journey,’ and having a company such as Divorce Solutions San Diego gives couples a much-needed way to protect their children from the needless harm they can suffer during the ‘traditional divorce’ process. At the same time, Divorce Solutions San Diego gives couples a positive, affordable, and time-saving alternative to bringing their relationships to a kind and considerate end; an end that will no cause harm to themselves or their children.

As we spoke about in the introduction to Divorce Solutions San Diego, this company’s main goal is to set a higher standard of civility and common sense for couples going through a divorce, by using their proven model for conflict resolution. But there is so much more that this incredible company provides. Not only does this extraordinary organization help couples by keeping everything calm and organized during the divorce process, but they also go one step further. Divorce Solutions San Diego proves that they truly care about YOU and YOUR children.

These ‘unique’ extras really highlight the fact that Divorce Solutions San Diego stands apart from the ‘traditional divorce system,’ and shows that they truly care about the effects that divorce has on the whole family. They provide lists of books for children to read who are caught in the midst of this very adult situation. Helpful resources for children to help them deal with divorce – from Judy Blume’s, “It’s Not The End Of The World” to Mr. Rogers, “Let’s Talk About It: Divorce.” Divorce Solutions San Diego also provides resources for parents – books that are solid and reassuring as they head into a world they never thought they would see when they said, “I do.” (i.e., Gary Newman’s wonderful book: “Helping Your Kids Cope With Divorce: The Sandcastles Way”)

Divorce Solutions San Diego has proven many things to many people at a difficult time in their lives, and one of them is the fact that they work to protect children of divorce from needless and destructive conflict. In fact, The Fairway Process is a practical, step-by-step, proven process that achieves divorce through a non-conflict resolve, all the while empowering each party and *protecting their children.

When children are in the picture, Divorce Solutions San Diego offers a comprehensive co-parenting plan, called the Fairway Nurtured Children Plan TM, which outlines everything about caring for your children including subjects such as, holidays, education, child support, and more. This comprehensive plan is designed to ensure *positive co-parenting, and is one of the 8 steps of the plan that is The Clear Road to a New Life.

Lawyers are brought in at two stages in the Fairway ProcessTM. First, matrimonial lawyers are brought in to educate divorcing couples independently during the What is the LawTM Seminar step. And lawyers are retained by the clients during the final step to ensure the clients get independent legal advice and preparation of official legal papers.

Divorce Solutions San Diego encourages clients to retain lawyers during the process when legal advice is required. And it is never too late to switch from the ‘traditional divorce system’ to Divorce Solutions San Diego. Couples who are frustrated with the cost and emotional strain of using lawyers certainly have the option to switch to The Fairway Divorce Solutions team, who advises divorcing couples to research and understand all divorce options so they can choose a process that is designated to meet the needs of both parties and their children.

This new concept has begun to revolutionize how divorce is conducted. The Fairway Process – has proven itself again and again to be an absolute wonder for people going through this extremely emotional time in their lives. Whether a particular situation is filled with conflict, or if the couple is completely amicable about their new path chosen in life, The Fairway Process works perfectly in both instances – educating and empowering couples in many ways.

Since its inception, this process has become the most talked-about, sensible divorce solution available. And if you are a parent struggling to make sure that your children do not become part of a difficult litigation, Divorce Solutions San Diego offers in-depth information on the “Family Law Reform,” and shows you the alternatives on how you can save yourself and your children from the pain that the ‘traditional system’ can cause a family.

There are many amazing seminars, classes, books, and more, that we will delve into in the coming months, but just knowing that there is a superb company out there that truly cares about YOUR child’s future, offers a much-needed sigh of relief.

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