Trinidad and Tobago Celebrates Its National Day

The citizens of Trinidad and Tobago today celebrated their 49 years of independence.

Trinidad and Tobago’s economy is said to be strongly influenced by the petroleum industry. Tourism and manufacturing are also essential to the local economy. The Tobago’s tourism is a growing sector. Agricultural crops include citrus, cocoa, and other products. The World Bank ranks Trinidad and Tobago as 69th in the top high-income economies of the world, according to Wikipedia.

US Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton, speaking in Washington, DC, extended the congratulations of President Obama and the people of the United States, to the people of Trinidad and Tobago on their National Day.

orange carnival
Members of a Costume band parade on the streets of Port of Spain during its preLenten Carnival.

Ms. Clinton stressed that the United States values the long-standing cooperation between their nations and their strong partnership toward a variety of common goals. She said the United States is grateful for Trinidad and Tobago’s leading role in both CARICOM and the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative.

“We are committed to working with you to advance the security and prosperity of our hemisphere.” – Ms. Clinton.

She highlighted that two countries share a common history of defending and promoting ethnic and religious tolerance.

“When we continue to expand diversity and bring more people together, it enriches the fabric of both our countries. From Icacos to Charlotteville, or wherever you celebrate your Independence Day, I wish all citizens of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago a safe and joyous holiday.” – Ms. Clinton

Trinidad and Tobago declared its independence from the United Kingdom in 1962.

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