Will Says…Republicans Dismiss Old Folks Who Raised Them By Killing Medicare!

Well it looks like Republicans have themselves a new whipping post, weeper of the house John Boehner. I bet that sure makes our president feel good. At lease he gets a break from that oh so familiar position that Republicans put him in all the time.

So, let me update you folks as to why Mr. Boehner holds this post, no pun intent. And you folks will like this cause it will let you all know the party that put healthcare (Medicare) in the hot seat. Who is responsible for spearheading the demise of this program. Ok, now we all know that Republicans are trying to kill Medicare. They don’t see why we should be paying for or taking care of folks parents with gov money helps us in anyway.

I guess they forgot these are the same people that raised them, fed them, gave them the keys to the car… I assume the basic reason is cause maybe they don’t have parents or maybe because when you are a politician and you have the kind of money you have your elderly parents are locked up in a nursing home and you don’t visit them enough that you have to worry about what they might think of you. Then again they are your parents and I bet this not a surprise to them.


Just the same, I guess you could say Republicans are creating ” Death pannels.” Remember Dems were being blamed for creating panels that would decide who lives and dies. Only difference in plans is that Republican have a simpler concept, NO ONE GETS MEDICARE so theirs no need for a panel.

See, they want to use things called a Voucher: it is a bond which is worth a certain monetary value and which may be spent only for specific reasons or on specific goods.

This coupon would allow you to get a certain amount of service a year and then when you are out, the help stops. Let hope that’s not in the middle of taking a liver out.

If Republicans go this way, maybe they should get a hold of the Groupon folks. You know you bring a group in and all get the same thing done and you get a smokin deal. Of course you all have to suffering from the same aliment!

However, everyone has a job to do on this GOP farm and Mr. Boehner is really just a scape goat for this whole healthcare thing going south. Ya gotta know that as a politician if thing go wrong and you are driving the bus toward the cliff, you can sure bet they will use your body to stop the bus, underneath the wheels.

You folks in Washington better figure out this healthcare thing, cause the last time I checked the senior are your voters and if you think the young people were quick footed in the 08 elections keep telling seniors your gonna leave them out in the cold and they will power up their scooters and head to BLUER SKY’S!

This is the type of an issue if not dealt with voters will take the other side EVEN if the only change this president made in 4 years was a clean pair of socks!

They say there are two things we have no control over, Death & Taxes, if this Ryan plan takes hold we’ll this phrase in action!

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