Why Was Mitch Murch Spared in the Bizarre Family Shooting in Glendale, MO.?

The most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life! What in the world happened in an upper-middle class neighborhood in Glendale, Missouri (10 miles west of St. Louis)? Catherine Murch (42) is dead. Her two children are dead also. They are Mitch Murch III, 10, and Mary Claire Murch, 8. Their father, Mitchell Murch is still alive. He was present at the time of the shooting and was uninjured. Mister Murch called 911 to report the odd shooting.

The unusual incident, was initially called a murder/suicide, with the mother Catherine Murch purportedly as the culprit doing the shooting, but now the police investigators are pulling back, taking a second look at what they think really occurred. It just took place early Monday, so heads are swooning with shock and disbelief (and that would include myself).

mitch murch

News footage shows neighbors or friends totally aghast, as they crowd around the stately red brick mansion, cordoned off with the characteristically yellow crime tape, preventing casual curiosity seekers from contaminating the crime scene. The fact that this was such a wealthy and well-kept neighborhood, projects itself in stark contrast to what apparently occurred here, just a short time ago.

The social angle to a story involving homicide frequently crops up, and this one is no exception. Why did this sticky situation, or unexplained family tragedy present itself in the context of such a picture-perfect suburban scenario such as Glendale? Neighbors who live in Glendale are asking the very same question.

mitch murch house

Yet I watched an interview of neighbors (to the Murchs) Phillip and Pat Henderson (conducted by KMOV 4 in St. Louis), and Pat noticed there was something wrong with Catherine, when she was talking to her. This observation occurred just a few days before the inconceivable imbroglio, I believe (the interview suggests this).

But why would Catherine shoot her own children, then kill herself, leaving her living husband to sort through this entire sickening tragedy? Naturally enough, this is what everyone wants to know. Unfathomable! An AP article says the family was active in their church. That’s the Mary Queen of Peace Catholic Church in Webster Groves, which is close to Glendale, I am reading.

Okay, so I get an astounding brainstorm, just because people are active at church, it doesn’t mean they are happy, well-balanced people! And just because they live in an opulent, pristine end of town, doesn’t mean there aren’t deep problems brewing. But what was the nature of the Murchs’ difficulties? The incident is just now being reported, and nothing but confusion is coming forth, so far!

It’s just too strange for us to digest yet! Why was Mitch spared? Was Catherine venting some kind of revenge on him? And why are the authorities hinting at, things are not as they seem? Does this suggest, somehow, that Mitch had actually staged this to look like his wife did all the shooting? You have to consider this possibility since the police are pulling back from the original thesis of a murder/suicide with Catherine being the proactive perpetrator. The closer I read over reports, the more confounded I get. Perhaps clearer news reports will emerge in the next few days?

Police still not sure of details in shooting of woman and two children in Glendale: Stltoday