Who Will Take Care of the 5 Kids?

Well, if you think that Obama wasn’t anticipating that his history making day would be swept under the rug as quickly as he made it, then I don’t think that you give him all the credit he deserves. After all, Obama is a Democrat and one thing that Democrats know is that Republican’s are always one up their opponent (VP Palin).

So, as much as I want to focus on your history making night in Denver Mr. Obama, it will have to be given its due or hooray on the same date next year when they make it an annual day in history that African Americans get their props, and rightfully so.

I will only make one comment about last night and then I will need to move on. If you ever get a chance to attend something as monumental as Aug. 29, 2008 in Denver I highly recommend it. Before this great day in history the Man on the moon event (“one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”) was tops in my history book. We now will have a new phrase we can utter when folks ask us what moment in our lives affected us the most. Maybe it will read like this:

Yes we can, YES we did and YES we included the entire human race! The tracks are now laid and folks, you are welcome to walking in them all you want, as long as you promise not to step backward.

Ok, so I was jumping on a plane from Denver and going to Oklahoma to do shows this weekend when this Republican hit and run happened. McCain did not waste anytime this morning introducing his VP pick.

Governor Sarah Palin (ALASKA) a first term governor and a former beauty queen. My ECT marked here are because I have little or no info on this new VP candidate. Knowing how fair this cowboy is, I will give her the benefit of the doubt and I will say for now, that I guess it is because the story just broke that we don’t have more info on this Gov…

I can see the cartoons now: Republicans: Mc Cain and Palin standing on the Alaskan pipe line, him holding a drill and her holding a gun. and DEMOCRATS: OBAMA and BIDEN throwing coats over issues like oil, woman rights, guns . . . because that is what gentlemen do.

I am not sure this is the smartest move for Mc Cain… Most of the time in this type of scenario the American public would have a little time to get to know the candidate and their VP. In this case with 2 months before the election we have VERY LITTLE time to do that.

LATER that day: I landed … WOW that is all this cowboy can say. Which means I am not at a total loss for words, but real close. Palin made a statement: John Mc Cain did something that most people would not do (POW). I don’t know if she knows this but you don’t volunteer for prisoner of war. They take you, and IF they let you live it is because and only because they let you live.

McCain, you have made this a VERY interesting race and my only advice to you, but I am ringing in late on this. However, if you wanted Hillary, you should have just asked Hillary. Maybe it is because Hillary is too strong? Or Palin is a better spokes model, sorry VP.

OBAMA and BIDEN: I don’t admire your task at hand. You will be called chauvinist, mean, and you hold all the sins of every man that has treated a woman wrong. Tread lightly, but do your job and let us deal with the rest.

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