Who Was Pulling Strings of Puppet Show At White House?

The Obama administrations Farm Labor Department has declared a war on the children of Farmers in U.S. of America. They want to stop farmers from having their children work and do chores around the farm. My goodness will this mean farmers have to use automatic dish washers in their kitchens instead of making the children do the dishes? My goodness, haven’t they ever heard of the mid-west work ethics?

This reputation directly relates to work ethics of the people who grew up on farms and learn how to work from their fathers and mothers. What will this administration think of next to stop our economy? Put Labor Unions in charge and let them run the farms across America and goodbye to the American farmers and goodbye to moderate food prices.

Obama has named and shamed private citizens who have donated to Mitt Romney’s campaign for President. Why doesn’t he show us how mush $$$$ George Soros and the OFS have donated to his campaign? I have always wondered who was pulling the strings of the puppet show in the white house.

The war on Women has gone from Mitt Romney’s wife Ann to the Republican Party according to the Democrats. My goodness my mother worked every day at home raising her family. My wife too worked in the home only until our children were raised and out of the house. We didn’t know we were committing a mortal sin. “Gee golly wiz” think God can forgive us as parent for putting our family first? God bless the good Mother of this Nation and we hope the Republican bill passes and Obama doesn’t veto it.

Biden said it and when the American people will wake up? Obama has a big stick. This is what Biden said about the President at a Fund raising breakfast. He described Obama as having a Big stick with hands showing how big? What does one do with a big stick? Beat people until they submit? The mics caught some foul Language from the audience at this $2500.00 a plate breakfast. *#**#^^#! They seemed to think V.P. Biden was too little for the price of the breakfast.

Dems will not stop in using anti religious comments about Mormons to re-elect Obama for four more years. They have or are about to declare war, on TV and radio, against the Mormon religion as, focal point. Think anyone will call the other guy a Muslim?

The White house has stated it has clean hands in the scandal with the Columbian Hookers. Does this means their hands are clean even though it happened on their watch and during their administration? Wasn’t it another democrat who made the statement, “The Buck Stops here,” or was that too long ago for him to remember? Good Ole Harry Truman, he would have a ball with this one.

Robert D. Ashford
Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what's next.