What was Guma Aguiar’s Mental Condition When He Took T.T. Zion out to Sea?

Why Why Why?

Why did Fort Lauderdale multi-millionaire, Guma Aguiar, take his boat (T. T. Zion) out on a cruise at 7:30 PM on Juneteenth, when seas were stormy? Did Guma purposely enter the tumultuous seas, hoping it would be his last excursion? What exactly weighed on his mind when a surveillance video shows him departing from his seaside mansion last Tuesday evening? His wife Jamie was throwing in the towel and filing for divorce.

guma aguiar

We hear that Guma Aguiar had some mental issues and was only getting worse. His life was very complex, especially his business dealings in Israel, and the pressure was getting to him. Some articles I’ve read point to a legal battle with his uncle, Thomas Kaplan, his business partner in Leor Energy, which they sold for a whopping $2.55 billion. Didn’t Kaplan get half of it, so what’s the beef?

The Boat Washed Ashore

Guma’s boat washed-up ashore at 1:15 AM on Wednesday, June 20th, with the engines still running and the navigational lights still on. His cell phone was aboard but Guma wasn’t? The Coast Guard noticed a tie bar that connects the outboard engines had been broken. Speculation has it this jolt (when the tie bar broke) may have tossed him overboard. It was also noted no blood was on deck; although no injury was sustained, Guma still could easily have fallen off the T.T. Zion.

An article in the Sun Sentinel ( Guma Aguiar: Day 2 since the millionaire’s disappearance began with a sunrise search) gives us some good information about the weather conditions that prevailed there in southern Florida on Juneteenth. There were winds of 15 to 20 knots and seas 3 to 5 feet, which could get as high as 6 feet. Small vessels were warned to stay away from the stormy oceans. But the real question is, did Guma even hear about these weather warnings?

Rampant Legal Haggling

As far as the recent rampant legal haggling goes, I choose to not re-summarize what paperwork has been filed, in a bid for control of Guma Aguiar’s more than $100 million portfolio. ABC news stories are strong on the legal angle, so be sure to read all of them. I will say, however, it’s probably a good thing that Guma’s mother, Ellen Aguiar, is doing this, so that his business investments can continue to function, unless she has an ulterior motive.

With this kind of money, one has to be somewhat skeptical as to what anybody’s motive may be. The problem of Guma’s mental health keeps popping up, no matter whether we touch on these sticky legal issues (control for his estate before he’s even deemed dead), or if we choose to stack up the clues of his last boating trip, that points to some unresolved or unexplained recklessness (which some may interpret as suicidal)!

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For the psychological problems, I recommend reading a new AP piece, Friends discuss missing Fla. oil tycoon, by Kelli Kennedy. It sounds to me like friends and family were most aware of Guma’s deteriorating mental condition. A friend, Wes Shelton, had observed that Guma couldn’t ever relax or wind down, even after he’d received all the money from this huge energy deal back in 2006.

Extreme Bipolar Disorder

Apparently, Guma has an extreme bipolar disorder. A piece in Haaretz.com (Apparent death of U.S. philanthropist…) gives us some good evidence of Aguiar’s shaky mental condition, with regard to his prolific dealings (of a philanthropic nature) in Israel. Did he have a Messianic Complex? Why did he tie business and religion together? Then again we must ask, did he stage his own disappearance on stormy Florida coast seas? The mystery of his Juneteenth boating accident endures!

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