What Nobody Tells You About Hiring Movers

Moving to a new home can be very stressful and challenging to handle when done on your own. But with the help of movers, it could certainly make things easier for you and your family. But before you hire movers, here are some things nobody tells you about when it comes to hiring movers:

  1. Do an effective background check

It’s more than likely that people will tell you to research about the movers you want to hire, though without giving pointers on how to do so. It is highly advisable to do a thorough and effective background check of your prospective moving company in order to avoid problems you might encounter during the moving process. Here’s how to effectively research on which moving company you should choose:

  • You can start by searching for movers in your local area as the proximity would mean both convenience and accessibility for you and the mover. An easy way to do this is by looking for moving services on the internet. Acquire their contact numbers or information about the company through a website that they use to advertise or promote their services. Take note if they have a company overview and if they also offer sample quotes or rates for your transfer. Check if they also have a section for frequently asked questions or FAQs. This will give you a better idea about the company’s services, as well as help you formulate other questions that may not have been discussed in the FAQ section.
  • You can now call the movers to inquire about their services. Make it a point to contact numerous movers to compare their rates and services so you can determine which one is the best for you. Inquire how they impose additional fees. Additional fees may be caused by some obstructions during the moving process like your hard-to-handle objects, or stairs or roads that are not accessible by truck. It is essential that you inform them of such so that you won’t have to pay for additional fees as these obstructions will be calculated by the company beforehand.
  • If you are having a hard time researching online, you can ask for recommendations from your trusted family and friends. Family and friends can be a reliable source, and you can base your choice from them depending on the experience they have had when hiring movers.
  1. Movers can damage your belongings

Even if moving companies advertise that your belongings would be 101% safe with them, it is not a guarantee that your items will be completely secure and undamaged. Even the best moving companies have encountered this type of problem, and this is a common situation the moving company does not tell you about it.

To be safe, make sure that everything that needs to be moved is tightly and adequately packed to avoid any damage to your belongings. But even if you do so, movers are not perfect. You don’t know what might happen during the moving process, so when the boxes have arrived at your new location, check everything carefully for damages.

If there are damages, remain calm because lashing out at the movers will not solve your problem. Determine how bad the cost is and take a photo to serve as evidence, then report it to the moving company. Make sure that your report will include everything that makes your claim better. Depending on your state or location, the company will usually have nine months to accept or deny your claim. If they accept your claim, then they have agreed to pay for the damages.

  1. Movers don’t always show up

Even after you have both verbally agreed upon that you will hire their services, it is not a guarantee that the movers will show up. There are some reported instances wherein the movers were not on site during moving day, and this could lead to very stressful problems on your part. Here are some tips to avoid this from happening:

  • As stated above, do your research on the company first. You need to look for reports and complaints about the moving company. If you see a legitimate complaint that states that the movers did not show up, consider it a warning sign.
  • Look at customer reviews on review websites. There, you should also have access to quality ratings for the moving company’s services. Be sure to check if there are reviews stating that the movers did not show up.
  • Have a backup plan by having another moving company as a second choice. Research for companies that can offer abrupt or emergency moving services or on-the-day transfers.


Moving is a significant event in your life that you need to give importance to. You can use technology during relocation to make it easier when moving or hiring movers. To avoid problems along the way, make sure that you have done your best research to anticipate such problems. But if there are still specific problems that you might encounter, remember to stay calm to solve these kinds of issues.

Melissa Thompson writes about a wide range of topics, revealing interesting things we didn’t know before. She is a freelance USA Today producer, and a Technorati contributor.