Tips on efficient workspace design

Efficient workspace design makes a lot of sense for healthy staff. Making sure everyone in the workplace is comfortable is in everyone’s best interest. It not only puts staff in a good mood, but it aids in productivity as well. Whether they are full or part time, here are a few office design ideas to ensure all employees are working and feeling their best.

Brand Colours

Your office should be a reflection of your brand. It should be a cohesive representation of your company’s core values. To easily do this, make sure your brand’s colours are included in your decor.

You don’t have to go overboard and paint every inch in your company’s shade of royal blue, however. Accent walls, furniture pieces, even colour coordinated office supplies in your brands colour or colour palette makes a professional statement.

It lets both employees and visitors know that you’re organized, consistent, and that paying attention to details matters to you.

Brand Personality

If your company has a logo, you might consider turning it into a mascot. Mascots are a great way to not only turn your brand into a relatable personality, but it’s another useful way to highlight your company’s values.

To incorporate logos or mascots into office design, create customized wall decals of them. Wall decals can be die-cut into exact shapes, are affordable, and easy to apply. Whenever employees or visitors see the logo or mascot, they’ll be reminded about what they like about the company they work and be more efficient.

Decals are also incredibly removable and reappliable, which is great to carry branding through to temporary offices or pop up locations.

Efficient workspace design.
Efficient workspace design. Image by Free Photos from Pixabay

Local Art

To ensure your workplace is always inspiring, cover your walls with art pieces created by local artists. Having a unique and local piece is a smart way to give tired eyes a break from overused commercial logos and makes workplaces appear more unique and personal to their geographic location.

Look out for pieces that don’t necessarily use your exact branding colours, but different shades of it and that even include colours you don’t use (this relaxes the eye and ads dimension to spaces).

If you think it’ll be difficult to find pieces that fit or look nice in your space, reach out online and commission a local artist to create something for you (this doesn’t have to be something large or expensive).

Supporting local artists also makes employees feel like they’ll be supported by their company as well, which can be a great efficiency boost.

Mission Statement

Sometimes to maintain efficiency you have to go back to basics. Remind your employees why they began working for you in the first place by sticking your mission statement on a feature wall or entrance hallway.

With vinyl lettering that is customized, you can create wall decals in any fonts and colours, which is perfect for maintaining branding. Adhering your mission statement in a visible place is a smart tool that reminds employees as to why they value their position and what their business does.

Good workspace design is also a terrific way to let visitors, clients, and even potential new employees what inspires you and what in turn will inspire their efficiency.

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