How Businesses Can Increase Maintenance Workflow Efficiency

Innovation and technological advancements have changed the way we learn, live and work. Companies today have to be dynamic and fluid to stay competitive and profitable. When working in a fast-paced facility, it can be quite challenging to maintain efficiency.

With multiple complaints of equipment failure from workers, regular follow-ups with technicians and cross communication within departments, the maintenance manager can have a difficult time in ensuring that all equipment is working at full capacity. Multitasking largely contributes to industry downtime. If you are finding it difficult to manage an efficient workflow, here is how a CMMS work order app can help you optimize business efficiency and sustain productivity.

Easy ways entrepreneurs can use CMMS to improve workflow efficiency

  1. Quickly attend to breakdown reports

In a busy setting, breakdown reports and maintenance schedules can easily be lost or forgotten; this leads to equipment failure which ultimately leads to direct business fails due to loss of productivity and losses caused by human errors or negligence. With CMMS software you can easily track, manage ongoing, analyze past work and respond to emergency issues efficiently and promptly.

  1. Schedule Preventive Maintenance

Work order application helps you plan for maintenance work of your equipment and assets without disrupting workflow. The CMMS software keeps track of the hours of operation of the machine to determine the best time to schedule maintenance tasks. Having this information available will help you to plan the appropriate time for regular checkups like checking oil levels or replacing parts.

  1. Send Work Orders Efficiently

Earlier, assigning work to technicians would mean printing out work orders and physically handing them to every individual. Today with a computerized work order app, the task is assigned automatically to available technicians who receive the requests on their mobile phones or desktops.

  1. Keep track of each staff

In addition to sending our work orders, a computerized maintenance management application also keeps tracks of your technicians by recording when they report to work, how much time they’ve taken to complete a task, the number or duties issued and their success rate among other metrics. Also, should a technician forget to attend to work or give back feedback on work done, the application sends out constant reminders.

  1. Generate comprehensive reports

After work is done, the daunting task yet is collating all key performance indexes, measuring against each other and filling out a report. With the CMMS, reports are generated within minutes. The application will efficiently prepare your monthly, quarterly or annual report and compare it with a previous period thus giving you an excellent basis to make the right business decisions.

A lot of these tasks are repetitive yet critical to the overall workflow of any facility. With the right work order application, you can streamline your tasks and enquire all equipment and technicians are working to tandem to reach your business goals.

Incorporate a CMMS software in your business today and help your maintenance managers, technicians and planners plan their work accordingly to prevent any business loses due to downtime.

Melissa Thompson
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