War Within the U.S: Narco-Terrorism and Mexico’s Drug Cartels

While most of the country is fixated since September on the collapsing U.S. economy and the continued strife in the Middle East, the true threat lies much closer than Americans are aware. According to a recent article in the British publication, Moneyweek, that true threat of civil collapse lies directly to the south in the drug wars that are now spilling over the U.S. borders.

As a former 45 year Arizona resident who actually fled that state almost two years ago due to what is occurring, the situation has now greatly escalated, and the political corruption both within the Mexican government and U.S. with the amount of money and weaponry that is now in the hands of these drug lords and cartel members means President Calderon is losing his war, and a great many of his federal employees through death or corruption to this threat.

Arizona is now seeing an increase in deaths and kidnappings in the border cities and towns, and if effective action is not taken soon, potentially could spill into the larger metropolitan communities. This state already has the highest property crime rate in the nation due to the open borders, and identity theft rates, and has been on the front lines of the federal negligence to secure our borders effectively since it’s admission into statehood in 1914.

Below is a link to the article. I have warned my friends and family members still living in Arizona at the present time that due to the appointment of Arizona ex-Governor, Janet Napolitano, as Secretary of Homeland Insecurity, who was totally inept and ineffective in pressing Arizona’s case and concerns at the federal level due to the partisan politicking which has gone on about this situation since even 9/11, it appears that Mr. Stevenson’s assessment is not simply a possibility, but will become a reality under the Obama Administration due to their continued open borders agendas.

After watching this situation escalate now for years, even after 9/11, there is simply no excuse for it, nor for the betrayal of the rest of the country to their fellow countrymen living in Arizona who also support open borders post 9/11. God help the citizens and people of Arizona, whose government has forgotten and betrayed them if this war spills into the U.S. as the warning signs and danger that open border presents has existed for now almost 100 years, and the cost in American lives now literally in the tens of thousands between the deaths due to the illegal drug trade, and the historic violence in the border communities and municipalities in the border states.

There has never been a war on U.S. soil since the Civil War, and it appears that the federal and state government at this point are ignoring a threat far greater than the threat posed by splinter religious extremists 5,000 miles away from the true terrorism threat that has continued and escalated meanwhile at America’s backdoor.