Turn Your Guns Into Swords, Gentlemen

Freedoms are lost by not paying attention to what you lose when the law believes people are misusing their freedoms.

A war has been declared upon gun owners of the United States.

Not a war with blazing guns but a war to defeat the legal right to bear arms. The second amendment guarantees the right to bear arms. Various legal minds believe this amendment does not guarantee the right to bear arms.

Divide And Conquer, A Winning Strategy

So a legal war begins the idea of those who oppose guns is to divide those with whom you intend to disarm into two or more small groups. This is known as Divide and Conquer. The main tactic is to separate not with force, but with cunning, two or more groups. One group are those who are more docile and the other are those who are more capable of reprisal. When they are split they become more vulnerable to their opponents’ tactics.

This is how generals of armies have conquered others, many times. A good general knows how to split his enemy into two groups or more than two groups so he can attack with stealth, confusing his enemy. In any war, you never disrespect your enemy and give them reason, or cause them, to become angry. Anger solidifies people into action. That comes later when you need them to be angry and do stupid things.

Identifying The Weak Hands

In a nation of free people who enjoy the luxury of life’s greatest gift, being free, it is wise not to directly offend the more docile group but to appeal to their humanity. These people are usually apathetic about their freedoms and a smart general uses their apathy as a tool to eliminate weapons (guns) of the people before the attack. They appeal to their humanity and reason. The smart general is patient and waits for the right time and opportunity for guns to be blamed for an attack on innocent people.

So they know who the simple innocent people are, they are the younger generations, who are still not completely educated in the ways of the world.

The generals wait for the right moment and then the plan will go into action.

Executing The Plan

A group of children were attacked by a crazed gunman and he killed several people with weapons, guns. Now the plan goes into action. These generals believe people are stupid so they attack the guns not the people. Any person can go crazed but the killer was the guns, without the guns, no harm would have happened.

Then the general summons the media to step into the act and show the terrible attacks with guns that have caused death in the past few years and they were attacks with rapid fire weapons … The media adds psychology to make a point … no guns no harm would have happened. The man was crazed and unstable and should not have been able to obtain a gun. Ban guns not people.

Remember he believes people are stupid so he attacks the guns, especially those weapons that can fire rapidly without reloading after each shot. Freedoms are lost by not paying attention to what you lose when the law believes people are missusing freedom.

The two groups begin to emerge … the anti gun group and the guns rights advocates … Then they separate these two groups into three groups. The anti gun people who were easy to separate, the single shot people who are okay with good weapons and can oppose the rapid fire groups. The third group is the gun rights group who stand on the second amendment.

Doubling Down, Dividing Again

It is working and now the laws of the free people begin to grind. Congress is in action … oh Lord save us from these people. Harry Reid begins his back room deals.

The gun owners begin to fight back and show their strength but these anti gun people are wise. They begin to attack the states where gun owners are not so popular.

They have people in those states begin the state fight to ban rapid fire weapons, guns. This would separate the groups into even smaller groups and this was done without one shot from the general’s army.

When the docile states join the ban he can see there are the staunch gun rights states and they are now exposed. Now they have isolated the fifty states in three groups. They then divide three groups into 150 groups. This goal is to eliminate guns period not rapid fire or single shot guns but guns of any nature.

Anti-Gun Talking Points

People with guns are not safe in a state of free people so they must be eliminated. People who are armed are dangerous to the public. How do we ban guns to the criminal? There are estimated to be 80 million guns in the United States. How many tax dollars will it take to ban 80 Million guns?

They work to pass a law that would require any purchaser of ammunition, in any and all states, must register their purchase with their social security cards, driver license or any government ID before they can purchase ammunition. Stores quit selling ammo and slowly the battle continues without firing one shot.

Apathy, The Ace In The Hole

Get the picture? Where are we headed? When will people wake up and see their apathy will be their destruction? We must open our eyes and see the thing that will conquer this nation, it is our Apathy.

Force by government regulations is not freedom. Health Care by government regulations passed, guns control by government regulations in the making, freedom of speech by government regulations is coming, Automobiles and what you drive is becoming government regulated. Religious freedoms are next, because food regulation has started, then it will be clothes, and more.

Do you ever worry about confronting an intruder in your home? Would they have a sword or a gun?

Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what’s next.