Theory of All May Be Wrong Theory

Comment on “Creation: Towards a Theory of All Things” by John Umana

I appreciate John Umana’s positive response to my article on the “Clockwork Moon”, but in these tattered intellectual times it is important not to judge things in terms of a “Theory of All Things”. Insisting upon such a theory, given our limited knowledge, is the cause of the diametrically opposed positions people have become accustomed to take in every disagreement, most notably the evolution/creationism “debate”, which is actually mostly an intellectual war between opposing dogmas, as presented in the media. Defining things solely in terms of these extreme positions has suppressed for six years now the new knowledge I am trying to bring out to the public.

Let me be clear, using as an example the statement that the Moon was “created by collision of a Mars-sized planet with ours very early on in Earth’s history when our planet was still abiotic.” That’s the current scientific speculation, based upon the fact that rocks retrieved from the Moon by the Apollo program are precisely like crustal material on Earth. But it is still no more than a modern fairy tale, which merely assumes that the Earth and Moon must have been created as one body because they have the same crustal material, and further that the Moon – and its exact clockwork size and motion – was then formed “very early in Earth’s history” by a catastrophic, undirected process, a crude “collision”.

We can, and should, remember that, so far as science can honestly say from the known facts, “very early” is not distinguishable from “in the beginning”, and, if the Earth’s surface did not evolve as science now thinks, then we should not be talking only of “creation” events, but the possibility of a late “re-formation” of the Earth, Moon, and yes the entire solar system. The current scientific theory of the Earth’s “evolution” is full of “cosmic coincidences”, all too many of which are reported as having happened “suddenly”, “very early”, and in just the right order to get to where things are now. One can make a case both for “creation” and for “evolution” from the facts, but one would miss the true history of the Earth either way.

The mistake both creationists and evolutionists make is that they “know” when things occurred. Neither do.

Science cannot say the Earth and Moon formed initially as one body. They certainly ought to know better than to attribute the “Clockwork Moon” to a “cosmic catastrophe” and “very early” in Earth’s “evolution” – indeed, they can only ignore the obvious clockwork in doing so, as my article pointed out.

And if you are going to allow that the Moon’s clockwork must be the result of design – and I would insist upon it, as a matter of fundamental competence among scientists – then you should also familiarize yourself with my research and findings, which marry the precise, scientifically defined celestial and terrestrial spheres, the overwhelming hard physical facts about the Earth, and the religiously held ancient testimonies of man worldwide, and verify that a real world design was imposed upon the Earth, requiring a wholesale re-formation of not only our world but the entire solar system, in a time when men lived on the Earth.

This is at least three times further back than the 6,000 years espoused by biblical creationists, but far more recent than the billions of years science allows since the Earth was formed, or the hundreds of millions of years during which both the landmasses and the life on Earth “evolved”, according to modern scientific speculations.

The critical history of the Earth occurred largely between 20,000 and 10,000 years ago. This new knowledge paints a picture too large to fit comfortably within any current dogma, whether religious or scientific; it is a reality check upon modern man, from those who made the world design and inaugurated all the ancient mysteries.

Dale Huffman
Dale Huffman is an independent research physical scientist interested in the truth behind the UFO mystery. He is the author of The End of the Mystery.