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Dale Huffman is an independent research physical scientist interested in the truth behind the UFO mystery. He is the author of The End of the Mystery.
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Extraterrestrials on The White House Lawn

What would it mean, right now, if extraterrestrials landed on the White House lawn - as the doubters keep demanding they do - and made their civilization(s) known to man on Earth?
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The World Is In the Hands of Children

The mind of man wants to soar, to be as free as the wind that blows. Artists and creators of every kind, in all times, speak about the need to let their creativity 'flow' like the wind, or a stream flowing without hindrance over the Earth.

‘Back to School: Things to Ask the Teacher’

If there is any segment of the population that is not worried about making ends meet or being suppressed in its search for sure knowledge, it should be students in school.

The Riddle of the Sphinx – Solved

The north pole of the Earth's spin axis now points close to the star Polaris on the celestial sphere; just where it points is called the Celestial North Pole, or CNP.
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Atlantis, Greenland and Ancient Testimonies

The theme of my articles on NewsBlaze.com is the discovery of new knowledge about the design of the world, by the 'gods' of myth and legend, and the central part that design has played in the intellectual origins...
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Details of Atlantis Disprove Modern Theories

In this article, I will show detailed matchups between Atlantis and these lands that spectacularly confirm those identifications.
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Atlantis At Last

The sense that there is a great mystery to life on Earth - beyond the existential questions of 'Who, and what, am I?' - is a continuing attraction to every generation.

Hannah Montana Naked, Milankovitch Score on the Web

I tried my hand at answering a question on answers.yahoo.com a few days ago-a question on planetary orbits that both the asker and the responders seemed to be having trouble focusing upon.

Signs of An Amazing Time

I am sure most of my readers understand-what was the word? Oh yes, 'it's a sign!' That's what I'm talking about (I had to have a spiritual insight-along with a flashback to 'Sleepless in Seattle'-just to remember the word).
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The Holy Grail and the Great Design

A popular theory about the Holy Grail today is that it referred to the biblical Mary Magdalene, who unbeknownst to history was the wife of Jesus Christ and gave birth to a son by him, thus continuing his direct line.

‘For Monty Python Fans, A Special Request’

The scene is a bare military room, with a low table and a very large map of Africa-maybe six feet high-on the wall behind. John Cleese walks in dressed as an army officer of stern bearing, to address the troops in a classroom situation.
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Theory of All May Be Wrong Theory

Science cannot say the Earth and Moon formed initially as one body. They certainly ought to know better than to attribute the 'Clockwork Moon' to a 'cosmic catastrophe' and 'very early' in Earth's 'evolution'
Roswell UFO Festival.

Two Simple Facts Prove Roswell UFO is Real

It is time once again for the annual Roswell UFO Festival. This is the top UFO-related event in the world, because the Roswell incident of 1947 has proven to be definitive in validating the UFO phenomenon.

The Clockwork Moon Science Ignores

One of the most outstanding indications of a deliberate design actually lies a short way out in space, with our nearest neighbor, the Moon. The Moon is about 240,000 miles from the Earth on average.