Details of Atlantis Disprove Modern Theories

In the NewsBlaze article “Atlantis At Last”, I identified the legendary Atlantis as primarily Greenland, but including also the islands of the United Kingdom and Iceland. In this article, I will show detailed matchups between Atlantis and these lands that spectacularly confirm those identifications. This of course causes immediate problems with the best modern geological theories.

The first such problem is with the mid-ocean rift system, whose branches stretch over 40,000 miles around the globe. On maps of the world ocean floor, these “rifts” look like ragged scars, raggedly healed – but healed, nevertheless, despite modern theory that calls them “spreading ridges.” As detailed in my book, “The End of the Mystery”, the great design of the “gods” identifies them as something else entirely: They are in fact the paths along which a number of the landmasses of the Earth were moved, in order to make the world as it now is. And they were deliberately and masterfully sutured closed, afterwards.

Atlantis, for example, was moved – along rifts recognized today – southwest from the Indian Ocean, around the southern tip of Africa, and then northward up the center of the Atlantic Ocean, past North and South America.

This was not done in a day or a year, but over many years: The Athanasius Kircher map of Insula Atlantis, discussed in “Atlantis At Last”, shows that the Egyptians knew of Atlantis as a fixed land, in the position described by Plato as “in front of” and “outside” the Pillars of Heracles.

When, around 9600 BC, Atlantis was moved further north, it was evidently done stealthily, and of course under the cover of natural, cataclysmic processes, for man was taught that it simply disappeared under the waves in a single day of earthquake and flood. And it has remained more or less hidden in its final location, as Greenland, under a 2-mile thick covering of ice.

Today’s earth scientists believe that all of the landmasses did indeed once move over the surface of the globe. They even posit a former landmass, containing a good portion of what would become the United Kingdom that travelled north toward Greenland, or rather toward that portion of the former continent Laurentia which would become Greenland. They call this supposed landmass Avalonia, after the romantic lost isle Avalon to which King Arthur was taken upon his death.

However, they don’t think any land moved along an ocean rift, because they consider every rift to have been merely the line between two separating landmasses. And they think that Greenland was always attached to Laurentia, the primordial North America, and thus always in its present relative position on that continent.

The design would have us put the jigsaw puzzle of the Earth together in a different way – for a jigsaw puzzle is what it is, whose pieces were deliberately scattered and reassembled by the “gods.”

atlantis greenland 1

Make no mistake, if Greenland is Atlantis, modern earth science is far off-base, and only getting farther off with every supposed “advance.”

So let’s look more closely at Atlantis, and the lands I say it became. Here is the image I introduced in my book, and in the article “Atlantis At Last”, of Greenland overlain on Atlantis.

In addition to the very close similarity in the size and outlines of Atlantis and Greenland, the Kircher map of Atlantis also shows interior details – a very large mountain symbol, for example, and six rivers extending far inland from the coast, crossing the outline of Greenland.

Looking closely at the coastal geography of present-day Greenland, one can positively identify fully three of those six rivers of Atlantis, confirming Greenland as the largest remnant of Atlantis. As the accompanying images show, present-day waterways precisely mark both the locations and directions of flow of one river on the western coast of Greenland and two on the eastern coast. (If the reader is into verifiable details, the former is the Vaigat, the latter are the Nioghalvfjerdsfjorden on the northeast and the Kejser Franz Joseph Fjord further south.)

atlantis greenland west

The island of England and Scotland fits snugly into the space between the east coast of Greenland and the former east coast of Atlantis, and the two rivers of Atlantis here allow one to place the UK island precisely, as shown (hopefully, the image is good enough for the reader to make out the faint outline of that island I have placed there).

The southeast coast of Greenland also has a remarkable fan-like arrangement of fjords that merge at the coast. The northwest coast of Iceland has a similar arrangement of peninsulas, of the same extent as those fjords, indicating Iceland came from the southeast corner of Atlantis, approximately as shown. Note that with Iceland tilted to follow the former coastline of Atlantis, its peninsula-fan is oriented the same as the fjord-fan of Greenland. The designers left many visual clues to the former placement of landmasses.

atlantis greenland east

The above simple geographical discussion by itself is convincing proof that the identity of Atlantis has been found. Both present-day Greenland and the former Atlantis landmass are also associated with some of the most famous of ancient myths, which independently prove their identification. These associations are detailed in “The End of the Mystery”.

Be warned, this is not just an interesting finding, but a proof (actually, one out of many proofs) of the ancient deliberate re-formation of the world. This is an unavoidable indictment of modern scientific theories of the Earth, as well as religious beliefs about the creation of the world. Both theories and beliefs are undermined by being tied to false dogmas, which are injurious not just to the truth but to the spirit of man, which finally depends upon the truth.