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In India, Islamic scholars are continuously opposing terrorism, at the national level. Well known that the world level religions organization in India, Darul Uloom, Devband an international Islamic university in India issued Fatwa’s (religious directions) in the month of February and May this year.

This Fatwa was against terrorism and was issued from thousands of Ulemas (religious teachers). Keeping in view of this motive, once again thousands of Indian Muslims, from every corner of India, with the Indian National Flag, assembled on past 9th November in Hyderabad, capital of Andhra Pardesh. This was done by the greatest organization of the Indian Muslim Ulemas, the Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind.

In this large meeting the Fatwa against terrorism by Darul Uloom was seconded with one voice. In Hydrabad, four thousand Muslim scholars seconded the Fatwa against terrorism with a new view. This Fatwa that told that terrorism is against the Islam was signed by 4 Mufties (senior Islamic religious scholars) where as the fresh Fatwa was signed by four thousand religious teachers and it was an attempt to give at a wider scope.

Although most of the Islamic scholars took part in the Jamiat Ullema-e- Hind national convention, organized in Hyderabad yet shri shri Ravi Shankar, Swami Agnivesh, chief Minister of Andhra Pardesh Y.S. Rajshekhar reddi and many other main leaders and religious leaders of the Hindu and the Christian community tried to give a successful massage of national unity by taking part in this conference.

The Islamic scholars present in this conference spoke with one voice that Islam religion is a world popular religion that gives message of peace & social harmony. The Islam discords every type of violence. The assassination and killing are unforgivable crimes. So it is wrong to associate terrorism with the Islamic teachings. Terrorism has never been encouraged in the Islam and there is no peace for terrorism in the Islam even today.

The Muslim who brought the Indian National Flag from each corner of India, in this large conference, a vow to oppose terrorism, it was clarified in the conference that the man who kills the innocents is unable to be called a true Muslim. Even he is not a true follower of the Islam religion. Undoubtedly this 29th annual meeting of the Jamiat Ulema-e- Hind has succeeded to give a message to the world that the Indian Muslim is strongly against the terrorism, terrorist and terrorist incidents.

Now the question is what circumstances are that feel the necessity for the Indian Islamic scholars to organize such meetings to issue the Fatwa against terrorism. It is a reality that in the last decade in the terrorist accidents in India mostly the Muslims were involved there.

The greatest terrorist incident of September 11 in America probably made the deep relationship between the Islam and terrorism. After that the policy of George Bush to finish terrorism added fuel to the fire.

Colonial policies of America specially to protect the Israel made the Muslims of the world to understand that America is their enemy. Even the countries that favored the policies of America seemed their enemies to them. Despite the American declaration of war against terrorism and heavy action against it the terrorism went on increasing in the world including India. In this process the anti Islamic powers got a chance to propagate that the Islamic teachings are helpful in increasing the terrorism.

Stop terrorism
Stop terrorism

Whereas the incidents of terrorism in India are concerned more horrible form is coming out. The powers that used to say that the Islam is a terrorist religion, there extremist Hindutvavadi communal powers are even being found involved in the so said terrorism.

The Hindu saints and the so said Shankaracharyas and others clothed in the saffron have been arrested by the Indian security agency. It is misfortunate that the involved powers in terrorism have also involved the disciplined and sensitive department of military in it. Undoubtedly a very few misguided persons who believed in communal thoughts have made the whole Indian army department to fell ashamed. This is the first time in the Indian history that such thing has happened.

It is being said by Indian security agency, Anti Terrorist Squad (ATS) that there are sufficient & solid proofs that these white collared people are involved in the network of the terrorist incidents. In all, it is not wrong to say that who called the Islam or the Muslims as terrorists have also become doubtful for being called the terrorists. But Indian Muslims should learn from these incidents that as Islam do not encourage terrorism, in the same way the Hindu religion or any other religion cannot be associated with terrorism.

As the Alqa-e-da, the Taliban’s, Osama Bin Laden, Mullah Mohammed Omar and Moulana Masood Azhar like organizations and person have tried their best to blacken the face of the Islam, similarly, the presence of communal organizations and persons cannot be denied in the most tolerant Hindu community too. It can be said that in the Hindu majority nation, these few persons cannot overpower the secular, tolerant & real Hindu thought.

The Hindu and the Muslims who want to spend their life peacefully, both the communities need to feel that these fundamental communal powers are the so said custodians of their communities. These communal powers propagate to be the true religious guides of their communities. These both powers do not like peaceful, liberal and patriots; they may be among the Muslims or the Hindus. These fundamental powers want division in the name of communities only for power or for their bread butter.

But in the country where is a leader like APJ Abdul Kalam who is popular among all and is a pride of the nation, there should not be a feeling of inferiority among the Muslims. The Hindu liberals are ready to face and challenge the bad persons of their community. In the country where the Muslims have been crowned with the big offices, the Muslims need not be afraid of the communal powers. But the Indian Muslims should keep themselves away from the terrorism and the terrorists. They should be brave enough to face and to challenge the internal Islamic Yazidi powers.

If they get any information regarding the asylum to the terrorists, they must make it common to security service & the public. They should not give shelter to any terrorist type of person in the name of the community as it will be anti Islamic. The Muslim Ulemas should make such arrangements in all the mosques in India that on every Friday, the Muslim after the prayer should be awakened to preach the message of peace, love, harmony and equality among the common Muslims.