Terrorists Have No Right To Rule The Nation of Nepal

The Maoists are holding talks with the agitating parties as well as running their violent activities in the country.

The attacks on Tansen, Dhankuta and Ilam are not ordinary events. During the meeting of the agitating parties and the Maoists for their 12-point agreement, the Maoists continued their violence and terror in the nation losing a lot of her properties as well as her people.

The seven parties are holding dialogue with the same force that led Nepal into the face of devastation.

The latest meeting of these groups will definitely intensify violence in the country in the coming days. The Maoists are taking more benefit from political parties, human rights activists and legal professionals for continuing their activities. The NC and UML are encouraging the Maoists to weaken the establishment.

According to sources, the main purpose of the meeting is to assure that both sides follow the 12-point agreement. Seven political parties are enjoying the support of Maoists in their agitation program so they cannot force the Maoists to stop their programs except by lifting the economic blockade in the present situation.

Agitating parties’ leaders also have ignored the King’s call for dialogue. Even chairman of Nepal Majdur Kisan party, Narayanman Bijuksche, said the agreement with such parties is dangerous. In the mean time the Maoists have abducted more than three hundred students in Okhaldhunga district because the twelve-point agreement cannot address the present problem of the country. The agreement has created some confusion in the circle of national and international communities. The agreement has focused to provoke the agitation instead of resolving it.

Nepal had condemned the agreement and the US also has denounced the agreement.

His Majesty the King wishes for dialogue with agitating parties and all political forces. They should come for dialogue. Violence only cannot resolve problems. Maoists also should participate in elections. Resolution of problems is impossible without reconciliation and dialogue.

But the Agitating parties don’t want elections but they want democracy. They are saying that the King should throw democracy from his pocket. If the King will do this what will be the meaning of the people’s voice? The parties rejected elections and didn’t hold the elections when they were in power. They are only crying against the King and the King is wrong everywhere in the eyes of the parties but they have completely disappeared from their political status.

Recently, US president Bush’s remarks brought a new wave in Nepalese politics.

The US doesn’t want to see the communists in power in Nepal and India also has assured support for the US on the issue. But agitating parties and the Maoists are time and again using Indian soil for their meetings.