Syed Farook, The Case of The Handcuffed Shooter

These days, one longs for “news” that does NOT have terror OR the Kardashian family in it. Truth be told I’d prefer Caitlyn and Kendall Jenner to Syed Farook, Charlie Hebdo or the Paris shooting last week. Oftentimes the lines between fact and fantasy get blurred in this “news” and I cannot help but raise my pen on what I witnessed here.

My prayers for paparazzi news, as yet, are unanswered. Legend has it, on mainstream media, that a man named Syed Farook and his 90 pound tiny wife brandishing heavy armor and weapons, killed Farook’s colleagues at a get-together, THEN fled in a black rented SUV, THEN had an amazing Hollywood styled gunfight with the authorities …

Finally Mr Farook was killed, HANDCUFFED in a police encounter, as you can see in the attached UK’s DailyMail picture circulating all over the internet. Now I am from Pakistan, you know the place (in)famous for hiding Bin Laden, and of course where Mr Farook’s lady killer wife Tafsheen also came from? Where Daniel Pearl was murdered?

syed farouk dead and handcuffed, face down on the road.
Syed Farouk, dead and handcuffed.

Anyway, coming back to my Pakistani roots, we Pakistanis STILL remember how the BROTHER of our late Prime Minister (the only woman PM todate) Benazir Bhutto, a person called Murtaza Bhutto, whose daughter Fatima Bhutto, George Clooney supposedly once had a crush on, Murtaza was killed in a very similar manner in a “Police Encounter” – in fact, even if you ask an ILLITERATE Pakistani the meaning of a Police Encounter he’ll tell you exactly what I am telling you. So it appears the US Police Force / FBI / Homeland Security is taking lessons from the Pakistani Police!

At least there is something for us Pakistanis to rejoice!

So why would the FBI handcuff a man they’ve shot dead and have him photographed? Or perhaps they forgot to take OFF the handcuffs after he or his dead body was thrown on the road and shot at? Please don’t act surprised, we Pakistanis see it all the time, I mean literally ALL the time.

I actually saw the picture yesterday, posted it then, and well, forgot about it, THEN I see this, a “dialogue” on CNN between Chris Cuomo (an Attorney himself) and the Attorneys of Mr Farooq – far from a journalistic discussion it appeared Mr Cuomo was treating the Attorney, Mr Farooq’s ENTIRE family and apparently the ENTIRE Muslim faith clan (roughly 2 billion people) once again, like countless other occasions post 9/11, put under the hammer of a predecided failed test to humanity AND America of “loyalty, decency and humanity.”

So if Cuomo, people like Rumsfield of yesteryear and many others had their way, they’d literally shout out on a loudspeaker (or Twitter!) that EVERY single Muslim alive or perhaps to be born, is a terrorist! We’re headed down a very dangerous alley is all I can see.

An alley where in no time the moderates amongst Muslims would join the ISIL types in hordes, do some BASIC math, 1.9 billion Muslims, suppose even 10% are instigated by the provocative, demeaning and insulting Western Media on Islam and Muslims and you have 19 MILLION people – that’s just 10%, right!

The question I ask is: WHY this planned vilification of an entire faith and it’s people? WHY an apparently false flag operation to FURTHER the already large divide?

There are many answers, conspiracy theories abound, from the time JFK was assassinated in 1962 to what many claimed was TMC operation, as per the movie starring Kevin Costner in perhaps his best ever role, or “The Edge of Darkness” or “The Good Shepherd” or “Syriana” or so many others that Hollywood herself has given to the world! Add to that Quranic, Biblical and Torah “prophecies” from the “Messiah” to the “Promised Land” to “Leadership” to whatnot that has the undertones no less than past centuries Jihads and Crusades, only in a different garb, crude for the Muslims, and subtle for the others.

But the subtext and undertones are CLEARLY those of HATE. The Muslims on the inside despise the Non Muslims, the Non Muslims despise each other AND the Muslims too, I see my Christian friends demean Jews, I see my Jewish friends demean Christians, this is JUST to show you that since APPARENTLY Islam is “Public Enemy No 1” does NOT mean that it is the ONLY enemy!

All of this to me stems from a human desire to DOMINATE, not to excel, but to dominate, to conquer, to subdue, to annihilate, not just a person, but a way of life, be it destruction of a Church, a Synagogue, a Mosque or a Temple, be it the killing of the people who GO to those places of worship, be it the merciless killings of their women, elderly and children whether in the name of a Jihad / terrorism or a counter “war” that renders millions homeless, then false flag attacks to ensure the homeless refugees do not enter the “promised Western lands” for they too shall turn into terrorists right like the perfect American grown up boy Syed Farooq…

Just this morning I posted a video online talking of the root causes and remedies of terrorism, but then, who’s listening? I’m neither some overpaid anchor in a big channel or publication, nor do I work for some “ThinkTank” with the added perks, besides money, of fame and recognition. So all I have is my pen, albeit in the form of a Word Processor, a half rusted brain and some ideas to actually change the world.

But as I mentioned, who cares? The Empire shall, as George Orwell wrote at the turn of the 20th Century in 1984, create a situation where “War is Peace.”

Unless, we, the people stand up and speak for the majority of the world, the poor, for whom I spoke in another message, all is not bleak, if the media that divides us, attempts to unite us. Unity to fight our common enemies of poverty, healthcare and hatred, using tools of KodeofKonduct, a unique solution to harmonize all religions to, in the design philosophy of the late Steve Jobs, Least Common Denominator of peaceful coexistence.

But media seldom shares that which it isn’t paid for, or not forced to.

Now I’m no Sherlock Holmes and at best could come up with this rusted analysis, so I guess I’d wait for Kendall Jenner’s next photo-shoot then! or another shoot-photo of a Syed Farook type in the days ahead…

Imran Owais Kazmi is a an expat Pakistani vocal on change locally and globally through good governance and tolerance.