Stopping War, Terrorism, Global Warming Is So Much BS!

Everyone in the world knows, on whatever level, that the effort to try to: stop war; terrorism; global warming; end world hunger and poverty; resolve the refugee crisis; distribute the wealth between the developed and developing countries, or; equalize the disparity between the 1% Haves & 99% Have-Nots; is so much lip service BS.

The question isn’t a matter of how to prevent radical climate change but how to create radical systemic changes in how future human life is to be conducted on Earth.

The effort to quell war in the Middle East, stop the World War of Terror, end Global Warming, solve the Refugee Crisis is simply so much Blivit: 10 pounds of shite in a 5 pound bag! The French would call it Merde! The Germans – Scheisse! The Chinese – Shi pijuan! The Spanish – Caca! The Italians Poppa! The Indians – Poonami! The Russians – Bychit! Others might use slang like: stink pickles, arse biscuits, bull babbage, horse pucky to describe all the forked-tongued deception, duplicitous double-talk, bureaucratic babble used at every U. N. convention, session of parliament, congressional hearing or international conference.

obama stopping or making war.
Stopping War or Making War.

Everyone knows that without sweeping fundamental changes in the way the world’s systems work, the world will forever remain up to its eyeballs in deep doo-doo because of the basic human condition and its perpetual preoccupation with pursuing the seven deadly sins of pride, greed, wrath, lust, envy, gluttony and sloth. Polluters will continue to run all the climate negotiations. Armament Industrialists will continue to run all the wars. Global financiers will continue to run all the economies. Population Explosion will continue to exacerbate them all.

Everyone knows that the only real way to curb international warfare, wars of terror, domestic gun violence is for all countries to stop producing, selling and distributing all the accoutrements of warfare and military weaponry that go with it. But everyone knows, too, that will never happen so long as the entire world’s economy is based primarily upon the production, sale and distribution of such accoutrements of war. It’s the very life blood that sustains whole ways of life. No country is immune or absolved no matter how lofty may be their pronouncements and expressed desires for peace. So it’s a continual one step forward two steps back; a matter of simply shifting the deck chairs on the Titanic or playing a macabre game of musical chairs.

Everyone knows, too, that the simplest way to simultaneously resolve the world’s refugee crisis, mass Diaspora of peoples, terrorism, carbon emissions, global warming, world hunger and poverty is for the simple transfer of capital from the 1% in the Developed Countries to the other 99% in the developing world to help them skip the whole primitive evolutionary process of trying to become a developed country by going through the same primitive fossil fuel cycle of development and acquisition of wealth. But, of course, everyone knows this will never happen.

Everyone further knows that to do this today – NOW – in 2016, all fossil fuels and all the material that go into the production of war must stay in the ground where they are. The world’s economies must resolutely choose the path of shifting the trillions of dollars of governmental subsidies from the producers of fossil fuels, arms and weaponry to the research, development and production of sustainable, renewable resources and peaceful, life-giving ways of life. But everyone also knows that the seven deadly sins of the world’s corporations, their CEO’s, boards and investors will never allow this to happen. Hedge fund speculators would rather constantly invest huge sums of monies on the gambled success or failure of some new idea or condition in the world where there always are a few big winners and loads of losers.

So where does that leave us all? Everyone knows that, too!

The only answer to the harsh realities of the world’s many constant snake pits of deception is to try to maintain a sense of acceptance and humour about it all while drawing solace from the fact that Hope for a better world springs eternal!

So let us all fervently hope that this same time next year the world will be able to truly wish itself a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Jerome Irwin
Jerome Irwin is a Canadian author, who wrote The Wild Gentle Ones: A Turtle Island Odyssey. He once lived with the Crow Creek Sioux along the old Fort Thompson stretch of the Missouri River.