Senior Citizens Always Value the Great American Spirit

I watch, listen, and read but understand less every day. There is now a great uproar about the terrible events that shake our nation, where murder takes place, people die and guns are blamed for this horrible deed.

Weed to a senior citizen is a dandelion.

I am never surprised anymore about people in this nation. The basic logic of our intellectual pundits sounds, and looks like cartoons. One simple reason, how is it that guns are at fault? Maybe it is because I am a senior citizen and just don’t get it.

To a senior, a leaf blower is a gust of wind. Seniors learned to rake leaves.

Time has marched along and has never looked back on itself because time cannot be sorry. Time has never broken the law, nor has it ever killed anyone. But time is always present where ever a disaster has or will happen.

Gay to a senior means happy, light hearted and funny.

Time is the witness to every murder, accident, wreck, disaster and death. It sees everything and has no control upon the events it records. It knows why people die, have accidents, murder, whatever else happens, time is the witness. If we could only open time, like a book, maybe we could see ourselves as we really are, and would change our direction but that may be too profound.

When a senior hears FEMA they think about when they a broke their leg. (Femer)

If we really could only see ourselves and understand the, whys, when’s, and how’s then maybe we would not be so critical of others but see our own inclinations, our own suborned motivations and maybe we would change our ways. Maybe we would quit blaming inenimate objects.

When a senior hears food stamps they remember food rationing during WWII. (Food shortage not money shortage)

Life is becoming more complex and difficult for any person of average intelligence to comprehend. Our older generation of people (seniors) seem lost in the title wave political correctness and with this generation’s usage of electronics. Anyone over 60 is subject to this new wave of inventions that dominate our way of life.

A cell phone to a senior means a prisoner behind bars gets a phone call.

It is hard for them to adapt to this twenty-first century change and they are very unsure of this new way of life and its instant commutations, visual information acquired in the palm of one’s hand, debit cards, our banking systems that will allow electronic access, and our court systems difficulties, that let felons walk away.

Seniors think Rapp is a door knocker.

Older people were educated from schools where they learned American History, the Constitution, government law, both national and small town government, penmanship, arithmetic but now they see people who don’t even understand how this government is supposed to govern or work. They can’t even add or subtract in their minds. It seems this generation has lost the value of this once great American’s spirit. Seniors see the loss of basic common sense.

Pot to seniors is a cooking device to boil water or cook food or make coffee.

Many of our older people have served in the Military, some in WWII, Korea, Viet Nan, or during the cold war; some even were used by this government to experiment with the Atom bomb or other nuclear experiments.

Singing of the nation anthem brings tears to their eyes and goose bumps on their skin.

They have worked hard all their lives and have tried to save money but live mostly on SSI and Medicare. They see our nation in disarray and it disturbs them, deep down into their hearts the center of their spirituality.

A hummer to a senior is a little Humming Bird, or a realy big Bee.

These seniors are for the most part law abiding citizens and love God, family, and Nation in that order. They see the nation split and they do not understand why.

Acronym to a senior is a person with a grudge and is mad. (acrimony)

They have tried to raise their families with the love of life that they cherish but see the outcome of their attempts to guide their families, have mostly failed.

When a senior hears the word tweet and they think about a happy bird.

We don’t see these generations of Americans shooting people, becoming so despondent they kill others just because. They still, for the most part, go to church, pray and donate time to church and townships where needed…

The word “congress person” to a senior means prevaricator, or a person with little integerity. Most are lawyers, right?

They bless the food they are about to eat and give thanks for the blessings of life, they pray for their families, their nation and friends and neighbors. These same people pay their taxes, credit card debts, house payments and hope to the Lord they can be useful one last time before they return home.

When a senior hears the word text they think of a cowboy from Texas. (Howdy Tex)

These older and wonderful people fear not for themselves but future generations, their grand children and great grand children… Our nation is casting them (our seniors) aside for new horizons and a so called better life. They know the value of Guns and most of them have guns.

Assisted living to a senior is a sanatorium or a live in relative. (moocher)

They certainly have no intentions to commit a crime with their hand gun or rifle but they above everyone need some security in their homes to protect their way of life. Some of these people have shot men in combat. They have seen the horrid side of tyranny and fought that this nation may continue in freedom.

A hoe to a senior is a garden tool, not a Lady of the evening.


Local governments and some states want to stop these older folks from driving automobiles; they want them waiting for a bus or walk to where ever they go, shopping, date night out, a movie, or just to another friends home.

When a senior sees the word blog they remember a white shirt with a ink spot under a vest pocket.

Our society makes small jesters to our seniors by giving them a small discount when they eat out in restaurants… When our congress voted to give congress a COLA, what did these older folks get? They received nothing but endured no COLA for two years.

A COLA to a senior was either a coke or pepsi but now it means they got screwed. (cost of living adjustment)

The real and only relief these older generations will see is; the new generation waking up and see the terrible condition we as Americans will experience if the apathy is continued. Absolute punishment, will be endured because justice must be satisfied.

Grass to a senior is the green stuff that needs mowing in the summer. Not something one smokes.

Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what’s next.