Sam Brownback: Liberal Globalist

A Christian conservative in central Kansas recently said to me, “Brownback a conservative? That’s news to me. He’s a liberal globalist if I’ve ever seen one.”

As Senator Sam Brownback (“Amnesty Sam,” as National Review has called him) considers a run for the 2008 GOP presidential nomination, conservatives should think real hard about his record. Is this really the kind of man we want in office?

Sen. Brownback has a horrendous record on immigration. He is about two miles to the Left of most Democrats on this issue. Americans for Better Immigration gives him a overall grade of D. On reducing chain migration, he receives an F-; on reducing visa lotteries, F-; on reducing unnecessary visas, F-; and on reducing amnesties, F.

Sam Brownback is no friend to hard-working Americans.

He has tossed aside law and order and, like Ted Kennedy, has sold out the American middle class in the hope of pandering to 20 million illegals. Brownback has not only refused to stop the third-world invasion of America, he has done much to encourage it.

Brownback allegedly has ties with Opus Dei, which has been called “conservative,” but really is not. It is comprised of third-world radicals intent on invading the first world, and Brownback has apparently been swayed by their rhetoric. These globalists and their anti-Kirkian ideology resemble Marxists more than traditional conservatives. Unlike traditional secret societies in Europe that emphasize Blood and Soil, European Kith and Kin, Opus Dei is a rag-tag band of third-world parasites intent on taking over America.

But Brownback is up to his ears in liberal internationalism. Unlike traditional conservatives who recognize that different forms of government are more appropriate for different cultures, Sam Brownback supports the Jacobin transformation of the world to liberal democracy. He, furthermore, in the name of “human rights” (a liberal creation), wants the US to become even more interventionist and go into Darfur.

(I suppose while our boys are dying in Darfur it will be even easier for Brownback’s hordes to invade America.)

Amnesty Sam also supports free trade, despite the fact that we now have the largest free-trade deficit in the world. Historically, conservatives have opposed free trade, and they should. It is destroying our economy and undermining our sovereignty. Many in the GOP, however, like Brownback, have been “neoconned” on this issue.

Given the recent GOP defeat, the Republicans should choose a strong anti-immigration presidential candidate, like Duncan Hunter or Tom Tancredo.

Despite the neocon propaganda, more pro-amnesty Republicans lost in the recent election than did anti-immigration Republicans. Only 6.7% of Republicans losing were members of Tancredo’s caucus, whereas 40.9% of the seats lost were those of pro-amnesty Republicans (whom Americans for Better Immigration gives a grade of ‘C’ or lower on their Immigration Report Cards).

Furthermore, polls still show that an overwhelming majority of Americans want to see massive reductions in legal and illegal immigration. Average working Americans, unlike Brownback, do not support the third-world invasion of America.

In short, Sam Brownback is no friend to conservatives. He has sided with the treasonous pro-amnesty lobby, and he actively has supported the third-world invasion of America. Fifty years ago this would be called “treason,” but today Brownback says it is “conservatism.” Don’t be fooled by Amnesty Sam’s rhetoric. He is a liberal globalist and should be avoided like the plague.

William H. Calhoun is a conservative writer who supports America and its constitution, but not politicians who hurt both.