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William H. Calhoun is a conservative writer who supports America and its constitution, but not politicians who hurt both.


North American Union – It’s Coming

If you have not read the news in a few months, you may be unaware: there are plans to create a North American Union, with Mexico, the United States and Canada

Sam Brownback: Liberal Globalist

A Christian conservative in central Kansas recently said to me, 'Brownback a conservative? That's news to me. He's a liberal globalist if I've ever seen one.'
differing opinions.

Illegal Immigration: The Invasion Continues

We are losing our country. Within a generation, it could be gone. Our once great and noble land will be just another third-world wasteland, not unlike Mexico City or New Delhi.

Illegal Immigration: Time to Get Tough

Clearly this is an act of war. Clearly any sane mind can see we are under attack. It is time to defend our land, kin and kith. Enforcement is vital and necessary, and it is time to take off the gloves

George.W. Bush Thinks Christians Are Idiots

David Kuo, the former deputy director of the White House office of faith-based initiatives, implies that George W. Bush is not fond of Christians.
Yelling opinions.

Sen. Mike DeWine: Traitor to the United States

In the 1950s when our country was under invasion, President Eisenhower responded with 'Operation Wetback' and deported over one million illegals in a year.

Illegal Immigration: War with Mexico Approaches

Our country is pillaged on a daily basis, Mexico has all but declared war, Mexicans are aiding terrorists, and our president refuses to retaliate.'