Sen. Mike DeWine: Traitor to the United States

Every conservative I know in Ohio is not voting for Mike DeWine this fall. Every conservative I know outside Ohio is calling the ones inside to plead that they do not vote for Mike DeWine. And you know what: they are right.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not pro-Sherrod Brown. He is a left-wing fruitcake. But this is not a vote for the lesser of two evils. Mike DeWine is just as evil as Sherrod Brown.

Quite simply, Mike DeWine has betrayed the United States and does not deserve to be senator.

The conservative newspaper Human Events ranks DeWine as one of the ten worst border-security politicians in the country. [Human Events] That’s right. He’s right up there with John McCain and Ted Kennedy.

Americans for Better Immigration gives DeWine an overall grade of D on his immigration report card. [Better Immigration] On reducing chain migration he receives an F-; on reducing unnecessary visas, an F-; and on reducing enticements for illegal immigration, an F-.

In short, Mike DeWine should not be elected another term. If you vote for him, what is the message you are sending? The GOP can take conservatives for granted and when it comes to election time still expect them to vote? If you do not make a stand, things will not change.

In the 1950s when our country was under invasion, President Eisenhower responded with “Operation Wetback” and deported over one million illegals in a year. By 1950s standards, Mike DeWine is guilty of treason and should be impeached. He certainly should not be reelected.

Mike DeWine has sided with Mexico, Vicente Fox, big business, and the open-borders crowd. He has sided against hard-working Americans, law and order, and justice. Do not reward the betrayal of the American people with a vote for Mike DeWine.

William H. Calhoun is a conservative writer who supports America and its constitution, but not politicians who hurt both.