George.W. Bush Thinks Christians Are Idiots

David Kuo, the former deputy director of the White House office of faith-based initiatives, implies that George W. Bush is not fond of Christians. He maintains in his new book, Tempting Faith, that Bush and those around him regularly mock and make fun of Christians, especially Evangelicals. For example, he quotes Karl Rove as saying Evangelicals are “nuts.” It was quite common, according to Kuo, for Bush and those around him to look upon Christians as useful idiots.

But this should be no surprise. Neoconservatives have a long history of allegedly mocking Christians. It was, after all, the pro-Israel lobby that coined the term “useful idiots” – their term to describe pro-Israel Christians. Christians, they maintain, are good for money, votes and soldiers – but that’s about it. Christians are not to be taken seriously. Bush has surrounded himself with such neocons, helping them every step of the way to implement their sinister agenda. Bush lied about WMDs in Iraq, and he still utilizes the “useful idiots” (Christians) as canon fodder on the battlefields of Iraq.

Geore W Bush’s covert dislike of Christians is old news. Like his neoconservative cabal, he looks upon them as useful idiots, pawns in a global agenda. And despite some empty rhetoric, Bush’s domestic policies have harmed working Christian families. Two policies in particular, immigration and free trade, have been devastating.

Bush, through increased immigration, has done more harm to working Christian families than any politician in recent history. The invasion of third-world immigrants has depressed American wages to a historical low. The wages of most Christian Americans (adjusted for inflation) are lower now than they were in 1980 because of both legal and illegal immigration. And immigration has not only harmed Christian wages, but also their neighborhoods, schools, and daily lives. In parts of the Southwest, for example, crime has increased 800%, HIV 700%, and Hispanics have banned “all white authors” from the schools. Bush and his cronies want to convert the US into a third-world wasteland, and thereby have been instrumental in bringing harm to Christian Americans.

Bush’s support of free trade has also harmed working Christians. Historically, liberals supported free trade, and conservatives opposed it. Conservatives should oppose it. Free trade undermines national sovereignty, and it places vital economic decisions in the hands of international bureaucrats who are accountable to no one. But many of the non-thinking GOP lapdogs have been “neoconned” on this issue, actually thinking it wise to support national suicide. Our free-trade deficit is now at a historical high. Wages are depressed, hundreds of thousands of jobs lost, and all the while Bush and his big-business buddies have made money from such suffering. The Christian “useful idiots” have been good canon fodder not only in Iraq but on the economic battlefield as well. And, all the while, the neoconservatives’ bank accounts have ballooned.

George W. Bush has betrayed America. He is no Christian himself, which is why he mocks real Christians. Christians should be ashamed for supporting such a Judas.

William H. Calhoun is a conservative writer who supports America and its constitution, but not politicians who hurt both.