Real Truths About Mormons Unveiled

The world or especially the United States are beginning to realize the truths of the Mormon Church and not the fabricated stories by dissenters. It has being scrutinized by many, dissected by the press, and misrepresented to the electorate from those who say they know about Mormons.

It is unfortunate that so many people think wrongly about Mormon’s and especially those Mormons who are wealthy. This old adage and mistrust of anyone who is different, or is rich, is based on superstition and fables. This is not what this election should be about.

It should decide who are the best persons, president and vice president, for the job as president of the United States of America. Always remember this is a temporary job not a career.

Let’s talk about Mormons and find out what people fear. These are some of the questions and misinformation being distributed by some who don’t understand this religion.

I have followed along watching and listening to the various theories and gossip, misdirected information about these Mormons who seem to be a peculiar people. They don’t drink strong drinks, alcohol, don’t use tobacco, don’t drink coffee or tea, fast once a month, and stay away from drugs and addictions and attend 3 hour services on Sunday.

They also attend Temples known as the House of the Lord. In these Temples they get married for time and eternity and sealed to their progenitors and posterity. They are experts of genealogy, and Family history and preform temple work for the dead.

I’m not sure what other erroneous information other than these few statements exist but these are the most popular ones that I have heard…

I hear that Mormon’s are not Christian.

Mormons are not Christian is the not valid statement. The true name of the Mormon Church is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The name Mormon Church started because of the Book of Mormon which is the recorded history and religious history of those who lived on the American Continents two thousand years before Christ came and extends some 400 years after he was resurrected. The book of Mormon is also called by their leaders, a second witness of Jesus Christ.

People think that Mormon’s worship the founder of their religion Joseph Smith.

Mormons do not worship any other man other than Jesus Christ. Joseph Smith was the person chosen by God to deliver the Book of Mormon to the Earth and develop again or restore the church of God, The Church of Jesus Christ, back to the earth.

Mormons are against abortions.

Mormons are against abortion but…They will accept abortion under certain conditions. The Mormons believe that abortions under certain conditions can and may be performed but only under certain conditions. Life is God’s gift to his children and should be considered sacred. No one without serious cause or justification should abort a God given life.

Mormons are a cult.

If you go to the dictionary you will find out that cult can also describe all Christians. It is not a dirty word, but as this generation understands cult, being a group of people who swear life or death oath, to be a certain sect of worship, this definition does not apply to Mormons. They make covenants with God and try to live a Disciples of Christ’s type of life. Their church is not a faddish religion and its members are good fellow citizens.

Mormons believe Adam was God.

Mormons do not believe Adam was God. Many people think this to be true but it is based on what is called the Adam God theory and is not the church official position. As I understand it the official church statement of Adam is he and Eve were the spirit children of God. He God placed them on earth to bring forth the other children of God who now populate this earth.

No reference of Adam being a God is made or intended to be made by the church.

The White Horse prophecy is going to be fulfilled by Mitt Romney.

The White Horse prophecy is not declared as scripture by the church. This gives reference to the saving of the Constitution of this Nation. It is not considered as an accepted prophecy.

Mormons are prejudice toward blacks and other races.

The church’s position on black people or other races is made clear on the declaration made public in regards to worthy males who can hold the priesthood. No worthy male can or will be refused the opportunity to be ordained into the priesthood. The priesthood is given to all worthy males and is used to serve fellow humans on earth.

Mormons will automatically vote for Mitt Romney.

As I see members of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is they vote for what they believe to be the best person. Some Mormons are republicans, some are democrats and some are independent voters. They want first an honest man. One who has not and will not lie to gain favor with others.

Truth is part of being a good christian. If the candidate is honest about everything and does not hide life’s records of his history then this is an honest Man. They want a man as president who prays to God the Father and not or some other Supreme Being or person or object. Can wealthy people be honest? Yes they can and when a Mormon is interviewed every two years by a Bishop and Stake President for worthiness and declaration as to their honesty and worthiness, this qualifies them to continue to serve God.

These answers to the stated questions or remarks are not an official answer for or of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints but are this writers’ understandings.

Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what’s next.