Racist Conspiracies Lurking in America

Many people thought that electing the first black president was going to lead to a positive change in racial relations. It wasn’t that having a black president would wave a magic wand. It wasn’t that people were giong to magically change. It was more of a symbol that everyone would see that America was so race-neutral that a black president could be elected. And it happened not once, but twice.

So why is it that it seems we are even more racially divided than ever before, yet we have a black president?

According to a new report issued by the Obama administration, 18% of kids enrolled in preschool are black. Half of the black kids are suspended more than once.

That is a terrible statistic, especially when you consider that these are preschoolers, not teenagers. If you think that is bad, prepare to be shocked, because it gets worse.

From the very start, the Obama administration has been extremely racial. The administration continues to find racial conspiracies lurking everywhere in America.

Presidential Faux Pas On Race

Remember the incident with Henry Gates and the white police officer? Obama declared the officer stupid, even though he knew nothing about the incident.

Just to recap that incident, president Obama was asked by the Chicago Sun-Times, “… What does it say about race relations in America?” Obama replied, “Not having been there and not seeing all the facts, what role race played in that. But I think it’s fair to say, number one, any of us would be pretty angry; number two, that the Cambridge police acted stupidly in arresting somebody when there was already proof that they were in their own home. And number three, what I think we know separate and apart from this incident is that there is a long history in this country of African-Americans and Latinos being stopped by law enforcement disproportionately. That’s just a fact.”

That was a blatantly racially charged statement, from someone who should have known better, considering that he admitted he was not there and did not know any of the facts. All he knew was hearsay. He later apologized for that.

Barack Obama didn’t learn from his faux pas.

The latest issue involves preschool teachers who apparently secretly scheme to single out black tots for punishment.

The administration’s new report shows almost half of all black kids in preschool are suspended more than once. The administration does not say this may be caused by bad parenting, broken families, but rather a racist conspiracy to start criminalizing black youths as toddlers.

At a news conference, Education Secretary Arne Duncan spoke about the fact that so many black men end up in jail, and that is traced back to school. He said, “The fact that the school-to-prison pipeline appears to start as early as four years old, before kindergarten, should horrify us.”

Of course, he is right, it is horrifying.

What is just as horrifying, is that the administration believes the problem is racist teachers. It seems they are not going to work on the real problem. Instead, they are going down the wrong path because the answer to every question they ask is “entrenched racism.”

Attorney General Eric Holder promised to “aggressively disrupt the school-to-prison pipeline.” Left unsaid was what he intends to do. It could easily mean millions of federal dollars to weed out “racist nursery schools.”

Their approach would be reasonable if there was proof – but there isn’t.

This administration has a race-mongering socioeconomic attitude, and far from ending racism in this country, it seems to promote it, seeing racism everywhere, the answer to every question.

According to the AFL-CIO, in 2012, 340,350 preschool teachers were employed. 65 percent were employed in child day care services. Only 20 percent were employed in elementary and secondary schools. The five states with the highest concentration of preschool teachers are Delaware, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Oklahoma.

The administration recklessly impugns the character of preschool educators because they lay all the blame on them. What is the real reasons behind these startling statistics?

AFL-CIO statistics for 2011 categorized preschool and kindergarten teachers. 13 percent were Hispanic or Latino, 14.8 percent were black or African American, one percent was American Indian or Alaskan Native, 3.2 percent were Asian or Pacific Islander, and 1.7 percent was some other race or two or more races. That is around 35 percent, so 65 percent must have been white.

Studies On Preschools

The problem with suspension of black kids has been known for some time, and some research has been done.

A University of North Carolina study by the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute, published earlier this year in “Early Childhood Research Quarterly,” noted black preschoolers are more likely to face suspension, because they are “more likely to be from homes in which the parents were inattentive.”

Do you see racism there Mr. Holder?

The study, “Preschool to kindergarten transition patterns for African-American boys,” found that African-American boys have more difficulty developing social skills to advance.

If this doesn’t satisfy Mr. Holder, then there are other studies.

A study of preschoolers by the University of Florida reviewed the parenting styles of African-American female caregivers. and found they tend to be more “permissive.” This leads to antisocial behavior.

The Education Department conducted its own review. That report said preschool boys of all races account for 82% of preschoolers suspended multiple times.

How do Mr. Obama and Mr. Holder take this information and turn it into racism?

Dwight L. Schwab Jr.
Dwight L. Schwab Jr. is a moderate conservative who looks at all sides of a story, then speaks his mind. He has written more than 3500 national political and foreign affairs columns. His BS in journalism from the University of Oregon, with minors in political science and American history stands him in good stead for his writing.


Dwight has 30-years in the publishing industry, including ABC/Cap Cities and International Thomson. His first book, "Redistribution of Common Sense - Selective Commentaries on the Obama Administration 2009-2014," was published in July, 2014. "The Game Changer - America's Most Stunning Presidential Election in History," was published in April 2017.


Dwight is a native of Portland, Oregon, and now a resident of the San Francisco Bay Area.