President Obama Takes Decisive Action

Bush III is at the Helm

Less than a week after swearing his oath of office (twice), President Obama’s political rhetoric and slams against the Bush Administration with respect to the gaffes of this past administration are now lying in the dust after less than a week in office. It appears they were merely used during the campaign in order to feed on the public’s dissatisfaction and it’s outrage at this past Administration due to it’s political corruption and Constitutional violations.

An inaugural ballyhoo that was embarrassing in it’s excess, courtesy of the American taxpayers by and large while this country is still engaged in a foreign conflict and whose economy is in the toilet, was only the beginning. The excesses of the Bush Administration in expanding government and our national deficit to a degree that would have fed the entire nation for a year (averaging $2,400 per person for that bailout he supported), and Mr. Obama’s charisma it seems has started to lose its charm for many.

Surprisingly or not so surprisingly, those who so criticized President Bush on his unlawful “signing statements,” and Executive Orders, and expansion of the Executive Office to a degree unknown in this country’s history have been characteristically silent with respect to Mr. Obama’s immediate actions once Chief Justice Roberts gave the second oath of office.

One of the justices on the same Court that failed in their duty to uphold the Constitution in mandating the provision of Mr. Obama’s certified birth certificate so that even the fundamental requirements for his right to the highest office in the land could be sufficiently satisfied, given much of his youth was spent outside the U.S. The “political” Supreme Court also upheld the “right” of the Executive Office to “make law” outside the Constitution. I’m wondering at this point if they have even read it, or if Mr. Obama has – a claimed Constitutional lawyer. So far, it doesn’t look like they have even a passing familiarity with it.

It has been reported that a drone attacked Pakistan in these last few days. Mr. Obama did state in one of his publicized speeches during the debates that he viewed Pakistan as a global threat (although it appears it is only it’s neighbor, India, a primarily Hindu nation and for which there is a long history of differences, which has been the target thus far of their ire). Although expressing his desire to “bring home the troops” responsibly, he has continually mentioned Pakistan as a “threat.”

A threat to India maybe, but surely not the U.S. The country itself and it’s government has made no overt moves or attacks against ours, and it would appear that he is continuing the engagement that started off so poorly under Bush even further tracking down supposed “al Qaeda” members who were not directly tied to the attacks on American soil now in Pakistan. Just how is it that you hope to “win” this “War on Terrorism” continuing the exact same strategy but simply moving the battle fronts against an enemy that believes that dying for their cause and martyrdom is what gains them their place in heaven, I and many Americans haven’t a clue. Nor is Mr. Obama unaware that 70% of the citizenry at last count are against the continuation of this “War on Terror” but simply would like those responsible, Osama Bin Laden primarily, brought to justice.

Again, another President deaf to the pleas of the people of this nation, and more intent on proving that wars for oil or in order to secure Israel’s borders are defensive wars somehow under our Constitution. Or maybe Bill Gates just would like the U.S. to give his outsourced employees some protection, since he has given away so many U.S. jobs to the citizens of India primarily.

Another Executive Order was executed removing the Bush Executive Order whose intent was to protect doctors employed by health care networks and providers from facing loss of jobs or disciplinary actions in the event they refused to perform abortions on religious grounds. Those that take an affirmation to preserve life also had been placed in ethical dilemmas when the policies of hospitals and these networks, always more concerned with the buck than sometimes patient care, began outpatient procedures for on demand abortions.

I suppose in Mr. Obama’s understanding of the Constitution, it is allright to abridge one citizen’s freedom and Bill of Rights protections for another “greater good,” abortion on demand, and the partial birth abortions continued at some clinics which involve crushing the fetal skulls and sucking out the brains in order to abort them even more quickly during second trimester abortions.

He also is demanding that Congress release about 350 billion of the bailout campaign loan fraud and scam Congress approved in September to pay personal debts that were billed to the American people and their children. Now they want to throw the masses made homeless by the Federal Reserve and these private banking institutions’ policies and nonnegotiable contracts and loans, a few crumbs. This is apparently an attempt to silence the majority of citizens who questioned also the Constitutionality of such an action in the first place. Bailing out their campaign funders and a global concern certainly would infuriate Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, John Adams – and especially Patrick Henry, the lawyer and orator who was the driving force behind that Bill of Rights.

From the first three days’ activities alone, it appears it is going to be a rough, and expensive, Obama Administration for those that can actually read the document upon which he twice took his oath, without fully understanding it. With him and Roberts juxtaposing the language even in the short presidential oath itself, it appears the Constitution is not something either is well familiar with.

Betsy Ross
Betsy Ross is a writer and student of history who is fascinated by politics and the weakness of politicians.