Polls Show Obama is Close to Winning the Election

Today I am on the road, but I am not heading off to some far off distant land like I normally am. Today I am in my own home state of Arizona, McCain territory.

I am embedded on the Obama for President – AZ style. I am traveling with a handful of Government officials, Volunteers and anyone who just wants to travel and spread the word of Obama.

Now, it struck me yesterday that I am in the state that Republican Senator John McCain lives, breaths and calls his own (territory), until now. Recent polls show that Obama is giving McCain a run for the money here in Arizona. You might go as far as calling Arizona a Battle ground state.

Most of this of course has to do with the candidate himself, and the other part may have to do with the Obama bus tour. 50 cities in 5 weeks. This true sign of a grass roots movement this bus tour was the idea of Senator Leah Landrum. She said “this is what happens when you give me time off for work” Leah recently had a baby and is on maternity leave. When I asked if this was funded by the Obama folks, she said “no, this is all my own doing.”

Today I am hitting 3 different cities in Arizona, Sierra Vista, Bisbee, and Douglas to see what life on the road is like for the Americans on this bus, dedicating their time, voice and hopes.

It is amazing how these last few days the message has primarily become about getting out and voting. Americans are taking this election in their own hands and will not leave the outcome of this race to computer voting machines.

“Get in to vote . . . NOW one man said to me, that way they can have extra time to get it right.” Of course with voting looking like it will be larger than it has ever been before, both camps are want folks to get in and get it done now so they won’t forget.

The next few days I will be posting my Obama bus comments, videos and stories on the road to the White House.

I would like to end my comments by saying that having a leader like Obama that inspires folks to want to be good is what our country needs. However, my day on the Obama love train ☺ and meeting 3 of the most energetic woman: (Leah, Melonie, and Thermanleah) I have ever meet was worth the 12 hours on the bus.

Oh, we also saw the Hillary mobile, check it out.

Below are the websites of the bus and Hillary car.



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