Obama Hands Out Taxpayer Money Like Candy At California Drought Scene

The country may be experiencing a growing national debt, but President Barack Obama will push a $1 billion “Climate Resilience Fund” it was announced Friday during his brief stop in Fresno, CA.

He lauds Congress to approve it as part of his upcoming budget, along with other administrative actions. The president feels that climate change is hurting Americans.

While the main theme of his trip to Fresno was to discuss ways the ease the drought pain farmers and ranchers are experiencing, “The Climate Resilience Fund” will be a welcome addition to his progressive peers, according to Politico.

Funding from his proposal would go toward research on the impact of climate change, reports the White House, while bankrolling “breakthrough technologies and resilient infrastructure.”

The Washington Times reported, “The idea of a climate resilience fund is something that should be and we expect will be supported across all parts of the country, the need to be prepared, the need to take steps that help our farmers and businesses and communities deal with the consequences from severe weather events is evident to everyone across the country,” quoting White House press secretary Jay Carney on Friday.

His idea will not attract many Republicans who are likely to balk at the price tag of the project. Republicans hold only one major office in California which is the newly elected Mayor of San Diego.

It is scientific fact that no single extreme weather event has yet been attributed directly to climate change. Obama’s plan is to rely on scientific explanations of climate change supposedly will see how it worsens events like droughts, said John Holdren, director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.

The director added, “There is other, more subtle, ways climate change may be affecting the prevalence of drought; scientists are still arguing about those.”

Obama came carrying many expensive ideas including directing millions of dollars into conservation programs, watershed protection, and food banks, in addition to cutting back on water use at federal facilities.

The White House did not explain where the money will come from … yet.

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