New Religion Claims to ‘Cure’ Mental Illness

Black Theology: The Final And Only Solution

We have some very interesting news that you may be interested in and that the government should take very seriously. The self proclaimed “Prophet” King Nazir Muhammad, founder of The Religion of Power has been making some very bold claims about his new religion.

Prophet Muhammad’s newest claim is that his new religion can actually cure black America’s mental condition. Muhammad believes that blacks in America suffer from a form of “hereditary PTSD” and a “learned inferiority complex” passed genetically from generation to generation by black women.

Not Blessed – But Lucky ?

And for those that don’t know about this growing religion, its members are encouraged to smoke marijuana as part of their rituals. Many critics believed this was encouraged to create a false sense of belief that the user is “lucky rather than blessed” to be black. Because it is one of the main beliefs taught by the religion, that black people are not yet blessed but instead lucky.

Finding Natural Ways to Cure Mental Illness

Social Security disability claim.
Social Security disability claim.

The smoking of marijuana has a deeper psychological purpose to Muhammad’s belief system. Muhammad believes through research that Marijuana can cure certain mental conditions that sustain PTSD. But the use of Marijuana is only half of the prescription, says Muhammad. The prophet says that “reading” coupled with Marijuana use is a more permanent remedy to mental illness, because reading “tightens the loose screws” so to speak.

The prophet says that this is why his new religion revolves around the act of reading, and that his members will become avid readers. He talks about studying and spreading his teachings to others – teachings which he affectionately calls “The Holy Gossip.” And through his program or belief system, the mental illness that plagues the urban youth will be eradicated and replaced by self worth and patriotism.

Reparations in the form of Disability Benefits

Many critics of this religion have asked the question “but how can this save the government money?” Well, as you may know mental illness has become an epidemic in America, among black people in particular. And instead of blacks being labeled “damaged goods” which Muhammad says will lead to mass filings for disability benefits, Muhammad offers this religious rehabilitation program as a deterrence to giving up and condemning blacks as disabled.

Muhammad predicts a coming disability movement that could financially enslave the taxpayers of America to the poor blacks for generations to come. But he believes that “Black Theology” will satisfy the starving minds and give blacks a sense of self pride and worth. He says it is a worth that will cure black inferiority and thereby ease their mental state to a point that they can be rehabilitated. He says his religion’s program should be taken up. Muhammad says history has proven that there is more to gain by supporting rehabilitation rather than giving up on a person or a group of people.

A Way to Defeat Radical Movements?

Unlike radical groups such as ISIS and The Nation of Islam, which use black symbols to promote their Anti-American causes. King Nazir Muhammad uses black symbols and key American figures to promote a black power movement that is Pro-America. And from all points it seems that it may be in America’s best interest to join this global movement to elevate the social status of the darker races by promoting this black theology.

Statement From Prophet Muhammad: “Electing a Black President was the right move, but to solve this problem it takes a personal belief system like the one I have created that touches every single black person – not one but all of us need a sense of power.”

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