Nepal Offended By Conspiracies Policy of America

We Nepalese people have been offended by knowing the conspiracies policy of America. Nepal is landlocked country between two big neighbors- India and China. But Nepal had been influenced by Chinese good conduct- while that of Britain was the Rule of Might. Such behavior has reflected in reality of Nepal, India and China. Hence, Nepal is politically neutral. America and UN should understand the compulsion of Nepal.

We Nepalese people are not pro-China and anti-India and pro-India and anti-China, (except some political leaders and so-called intellectuals paid agents of India and China) due to our nearest neighborhood, we have the sense of cordiality to maintain the balance relation. From the very beginning of history Nepal and China have been regarding their sovereignty each other. So, Nepal always supports- ‘One China policy’- Tibet as an integral part of China.

But, the American Senator Jemes Rinaldi has demanded that Nepal was doing its utmost on the Tibetan refugees issue given its proximity with China and piling pressure on Nepal at this point of time was not called for. Nepal has also been helping Tibetan refugees to enter India and the US for the last 20 years, said it was unfortunate that one of his country’s congressmen warned to cut aid to Nepal over the Tibetan refugee issue, warning that his country will cut off aid to Nepal if it did not grant visas to Tibetan refugees.

If they’re not willing to do it, then they don’t share our values. If they don’t share our values, we do not want to share our dollars. Nepal was bound by a ‘gentleman’s agreement’ with western powers and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to grant safe passage to the Tibetan refugees and allow UNHCR to take them to India. Nepal is acting only on humanitarian grounds given its historical ties with Tibet. This will ultimately be counter-productive for Tibetans. The Nepali government has been reiterating its one-China policy time and again. If they push harder, it will make Nepal’s job at the border more difficult.’

Just 27 Nov. 2011, the American Ambassador to Nepal Scott H. Delisi has exposed- ‘Those who seek to portray our position on Tibetan Refugees as anti-China fundamentally misunderstand US policy and the importance we place on upholding universal values, rights and principle.

The United States has long been a strong supporter of refugee rights, and we will continue to work to ensure the fair and humane treatment of refugees population around the world’ – (The Kathmandu Post) But the intention of Americans is to break China in the name of Human rights-Free-Tibet. The UN is also the ally of America because of present Secretary General Ban Ki Moon who is South Korean national.

It is fact; America did not serve the humanitarian value in those breaking nations – Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam, Cambodia, former USSAR and Yugoslavia. The intention was to capture, intervene and disintegrate these countries in the name of democracy and human rights. Now, the American’s conspirator intention has exposed in international arena.

Let is be; we cordially request, American regime and diplomats should to study the facts that ‘Nepal is a Yam between two rocks.’ The quotation of the founder of modern Nepal PN Shah is still relevant. So, we Nepalese people never support to make Nepal as a base-land for Free-Tibet. If Americans can not realize the reality of free Tibet issue from Nepal, in short- America itself is inviting next world war.

Dirgha Raj Prasai is a former Member of Parliament in Nepal, a political analyst who writes from Kathmandu.