Morality or Immorality that is the Question

Our society has become so decadent we have lost the purpose for sexual pleasure. It is not the basic purpose for marriage, just to enjoy sexual pleasures of marriage.

Sex without a purpose is just lust. Love is the criteria for marriage not sexual gratification.

True love brings a marriage into the realms of true happiness that sexual happiness is sustained not with lust but with honest love and appreciation for life.

The purpose for life is to reproduce and replenish the earth; not to have sex with every creature that walks on the planet. Immorality has dulled the purpose for morality, good common sense, good conduct and the basic purposes of life and marriage.

One Ugly Event

This one ugly event (art form) has made us animalistic toward sex and life. If we as a nation do not correct the course our society and our government has taken, it will lead to our destruction.

Sex just for sexual gratification is an animal instinct and is not morally justified. This is not freedom of speech but is degradation to a way of life.

A wife or husband is not a sex object and neither is to be used as just sex objects. Men and women think they can enjoy sex without the responsibility of the law of the harvest. We reap what we sow and when we allow our basic desires for sex to govern our actions, we will reap the reward.

True love is not to make love to an organ on ones body but to love completely the wife or husband to whom you are endowed.

Too Many Fatherless Children

Too many fatherless children exist in this world and in this society. Too many children are without good mothers in the home caring for and loving their children. Men and women have lost the basic self respect of life, morality, chastity, decency, modesty, and family.

The article about the LDS church changing its opinion about same sex marriage is not factual. Accepting ones sexual preference does not condone sexual promiscuity.

Indulgence in illicit sexual behavior is the sin, not the preference. Bestiality is not normal, and neither is the desire for it but when we begin to live it, then we become animals.

Homosexuality is not a preference for normality but one can desire it for whatever reason but partaking is not justified actions. I have been tempted for one reason or another to take physical actions that would physically harm another person.

I am not justified if I beat someone up. Actions are the problems, as well as giving into temptations or physical pleasures that lead to the actions.

Life Is What You Make It

I have a daughter who was born with a physical handicap. She has not given into her desire to give up because it was too difficult. She lives a normal life to the best of her ability, two children under very difficult births and now in her late forties is owner of her own day care center where she cares for some handicapped children.

This life she now lives didn’t just happen. It was under the roof of the family unit that she lived and was raised and gained stability to live her normal life.

We as a society have lost the purpose of life, liberty, happiness, and family when sexual pleasure dominates our purpose and life styles.

I really don’t care what the Supreme Court might say against sanctified marriage but I do care if they justify unsanctified marriages. God is the witness to our actions as people and a nation.

Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what’s next.