Marine Corps Birthday And Terrorism

Today is the Birthday of the US Marine Corps. As a Nepali journalist I would like to congratulate you and give my respect to US Marine Corps. I am fully experienced now, what is to be taken positively is that we aren’t alone at present to fight for freedom.

To unite in feeling in the ultimate thing in this world. I opened the windows of my room and looked out. I could see the park, the beautiful landscape far off, military parade, the tall trees and the blooming flowers. They provided me peace.

America, I hope you will do your best with patience, activeness, experience, responsibility to achieve the current goal. I am confidentthat you will take everything with honors and respect. After I came to the US, every second, minute and hour is a memorable time. To be very frank you have become part of my heart, America. Sometime we need to fight with death to achieve the goal of life.

Life without struggle is meaningless.

The theme of materialist philosophies to be in motion. We must keep the string tight to survive ourselves. Strong feeling keeps the love strong. We needn’t confuse or hesitate to draft the history of tomorrow. There must be strength in our determination and we shouldn’t blame and hurt each other.

Work ultimately provides satisfaction.

Nothing can substitute it I advise you to the great nation and surpass with the patience, activeness and experience. So I feel happy today.

I am remembering today how my Marine friend Charan, on the day of departure, he had arrived late in the airport saying that he had an important task to do. He had filled his eyes with tear drops while saying ‘we would work together to defend freedom’.

I could see him waving hands (saying good good-bye above in the air, far off in the sky). Gradually the plane was out of sight. It is very cold today. My face shied in front of my image and my heart beat increased & felt like it stopped. Without taking a breath,I went to my room by road, eastwardly directed.

I stared at the rising moon which I wished to get into my palm. The sky was as blue as the ocean. It was as infinite as my imagination. It made me romantic. The sky is about to weep.

It will be better to shut exits and switch off lights while going to bed.

My Marine friend, you are away from me, in a different environment. So, I am trying to show my feelings in black and white which bear the cardinal struggle of life. It may not reflect my total feelings as I am doing it in a hurry. I wish you a happy Marine Birthday as well as a long and prosperous life. I send you a lot of love and respect from your great country.

Your arrival, your style of taking tea, your smiling face lovely look make me almost happy Nepali friend. I did not wish to miss the intelligent conversations my friend. In my view, everything changes but change itself is never infinite and complete.

I know freedom, respect and love is the supreme truth and the truth too can facilitate the completeness of life. I believe in humanism , I believe in pious love, like the sun is covered. Nothing can separate us.

I have faith to meet you again.

You are trying to cross the dark nights and reach to the world of love and light. Your letter suggests that you are very near to that light.

I started to write a reply letter in this way. What I am feeling now is that I believe in deep freedom which I think must be delicate as well.

So, I want to join my hands to lead a great nation. ‘Let’s fight against violence’, you proposed.

The proposal made my heart swing. Every part of my mind began to play with touch. I dare not stand in front of the mirror.

Yes America, I regard you.

The sky and the hearts should be unified. We are to live for our future and the plans that we are imagining. Our love to the justice and peace will unite and what is sure is that it will live long. I must continue my love for you. If we accept this principle, we will be one step forward in the field of peace, freedom love and we can dedicate ourselves for the immortality of love.

I began to type on the keyboard. The tears were falling from my cheeks while typing the matter for e-mail.

I always love you America.

Congratulations to you America.

Nepali journalist and Story Writer Kamala Sarup is an editor for She specialises in in-depth reporting and writing on Peace, Anti War, Women, Terrorism, Democracy, and Development.